Lebanon High School has had its own long roster of teachers and staff. Many are memorable and leave a place in the Lebanon community’s heart.

LHS will soon be losing a kind-hearted, caring, passionate leader, Solveig Fiene, one of LHS’ English teachers.

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Solveig Fiene as a young girl.

Fiene has been a teacher at LHS for 22 years. She came from Connecticut to Lebanon, Indiana in 1997 where she has been teaching ever since. Fiene has taught IU English W 131 and L 202, Journalism, and AP English for many years.

She was the head of the English department

Fiene has attended multiple sporting events, educational events, and fine art events that occurred after school at Lebanon, and she has expressed her love for the Lebanon community and her attitude has spread to all corners of the school.

“She is always very positive, she does not let challenges get her down- she has a can-do attitude” said LHS’ principal, Kevin O’Rourke.

Fiene has a true passion for teaching she has been viewed as a strong leader by many staff, students, and teachers here at LHS.

“She is our department’s biggest cheerleader, she pushes us to be our best while demanding the best for us” said fellow English teacher, Angela Coddington.

Mrs. Fiene is excited to retire and visit her children and grandchildren in California. Fiene has eight grandchildren. Her husband, a minister, is also planning to retire soon, they are hoping to spend a little over a year in California with their family.

“I am hoping to travel and continue teaching, but it will be online classes and training student teachers.” Said English teacher, Solveig Fiene.

She spoke of her favorite memories during her career; she loved teaching the IU Classes, she even inspired some students like, Dustin Grove- a past student of hers – to enter into fields she taught or spoke highly of.

Grove worked for multiple Indiana news networks such as WIS



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H- TV and CBS, now teaches Liberal arts and Journalism at Purdue.

Fiene will always be remembered as a down to earth woman, lover of literature, and dedicated teacher.

“She always worked to ensure that as children and technology changed our teaching and curricular evolved too. She was great at keeping up with these changes. She would go to conventions and other meetings to improve her teaching and help our department grow.” Said fellow English teacher, Carol Kazmierczak.

Fiene is not just a leader but a close friend to many people that are apart of Lebanon’s community.

“Mrs. Fiene is a best friend of mine. She encouraged me to take on some of the classes she used to teach. She inspired me to be superb at my job.” Said Kazmierczak

“She is the glue that holds us together.” Said Coddington


“I am very confident that Mrs. Fiene is well respected and admired by the staff here at Lebanon High School- I have never heard her say anything ill or negative about anyone, she only sees the good in everybody.” Said O’Rourke


These staff members that worked side by side Mrs. Fiene all agree that she will be dearly missed and will leave an amazing legacy in the school and community. Fiene also shares her own love for the Lebanon community.


“They [students] need to realize the privilege of living and attending at Lebanon. These schools are an extension of the community. Members of the community come out and support the school and the students. Other schools do not do that. I have never felt as cherished as I have here at Lebanon.” Said Fiene

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.04.15 AMThere is no doubt that Fiene has created a model for teachers to follow, a model for a teacher that goes above and beyond their duty and seeks only the best for the students and school. Fiene has helped in many aspects in and out of the school and has kept in touch with past and present students.

“I hope I am remembered as very student centered, as somebody who always loved what I did; literature is a passion of mine. I want to be known for making literature matter to students and share a love I have between myself and students” said Fiene

The teachers and staff of Lebanon High School agree Fiene will be taking a piece of LHS with her, and tears will be shed when she leaves. However, this also has pushed teachers to keep the departments and teaching at the standard Fiene made for them.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.05.04 AMFiene will be remembered as someone who put others before herself and always tried to help others improve. She will be missed and even harder to replace. On behalf of the Pennant staff and Lebanon High School, we will miss you Mrs. Fiene and everything you have ever done for the students, staff, and school of Lebanon. No matter where you go, what you do, or who you become in thefuture- you will always be a Lebanon Tiger. Thank you for everything you have done here at LHS.