Lebanon High School Food Review

Despite the popular stereotype of “mystery lunch meat Monday,” Lebanon High School provides nutritious and tasteful snacks and meals. “There is always a variety,” said sophomore Jill Merritt while describing our school lunch. Everyday our lunch staff works to provide an assortment of meal options for our choosing during A, B and C lunches.

While we have a wide variety of options at LHS, our school provides healthy options, every single day. Merritt purchases school lunch fairly often and feels as if the food she is eating is healthy and supplies her with some important daily nutrition.

Freshman Gracie Brandt said, “There are so many options here compared to before [Lebanon Middle School’s lunch.]” With a total of four different lunch lines, the food varies from day to day. Some lunch items include pasta, pizza, wraps and many more options. Whereas at the middle school, there is one main line for students to choose from.

Senior Shyanna Anglemeyer often eats at home, but fairly enjoys the school lunch. Anglemeyer’s favorite line is the chicken sandwich line, and despite the popular vote, is not a fan of the wrap line. As far as a change within the last four years goes, “I have not seen a change…I think it has been the same,” said Anglemeyer.

As a junior, Mackenzie Kern believes that throughout her high school career, the cafeteria has improved, though. When the cafeteria food does not always sound appetizing, Kern visits Tiger Town or the café. “At the café, I can always find something that I like, and I will just buy my lunch from there,” said Kern.

The café offers many choices as well. Some options from the café include smoothies, chips, cookies, and on occasion, hot soup. Most often, the lines at the café and at Tiger Town are shorter than those in the cafeteria.

Many students agreed that without taking the line into consideration, the wrap line is their favorite. It is agreed by many LHS students that the wrap line has the most variety in a single line and is customizable to your taste.

Overall, most students seem to be a fan of LHS’ school lunch and are a fan of the amount of options consistently provided.

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