National Adoption Day

On November 18th, children all around the country celebrated National Adoption Day with their adoptive families. Many students here at Lebanon High School were born and raised right here in Lebanon, Indiana. However, some students at LHS chose to share their unique and inspiring stories of what their lives were like as children.

Sophomore Mary Brown was adopted as an infant, so she does not have much recollection of what life was like before she was welcomed into her adoptive parent’s arms. Brown knows that she has biological siblings, but since she was adopted at such a young age she does not know their names or their ages.

“Many people correlate adoption with kids who are not loved, yet that is the complete opposite of what it is. My parents chose to adopt me because they fell in love with me when I was an infant. They have been able, and continue, to give me the unconditional love that my biological family could not,” states Brown.

Brown is more than thankful for her family and everything that they have done for her.

Junior, Cara Harvey was adopted by, Mark Harvey and Mindy Spaulding when she was five years old. Harvey has seven siblings total, one being her biological sister Julianna who is 12 years old.

“I think that it is so sad that most parents who are looking to adopt only look for children under the age of one. There are so many children who do not have families and when they are overlooked they begin to feel unloved and unwanted. Every child deserves love and a forever home, not just infants,” Harvey claims.

Harvey’s family has been able to give her the unconditional love she deserves and she is eternally grateful for that.

“It could have ended up so differently if my parents [now] would not have adopted me. They have given me such an amazing life and I am so thankful for them,” Harvey says.

Junior Lucia Gaha was adopted when she was seven years old. Gaha’s biological mother, Inna Zueva, passed away when she was six years old, but she [her mother] named Gaha after herself. Gaha goes by Lucia formally, but keeps her biological mothers name as a second middle name to always remember her (Lucia Olivia Inna Gaha). Gaha has an un-biological sibling, Simon Gaha, and biological siblings somewhere but she does not know their names or their exact age.

“When I came to America, I noticed that they interpret orphanages differently than other countries. In movies or on shows, they make it seem like it is a horrible life to live and children are mistreated and left behind in the orphanage. For me at least, it was not nearly as bad as they make it seem like,” Gaha states.

Gaha’s family has shown her what a real family is like and she could not be more grateful for them than she already is. They show her constant love and support every day and she could not be happier with where she is today.


There are children all around the world in need of finding a forever home. Although adoption can be misconstrued and made out to be something terrible, it is actually a beautiful process that gives a child and a family the chance of true happiness.



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