Smack Talk in Sports: What Happens When It Goes Too Far?

While rivalries have been going on since the dawn of time, there is nothing quite like a school rivalry.  Typically, the most talked about oppositions are found in large college towns, but the most notorious (at least in central Indiana) is between two small town schools: Lebanon High School and Western Boone Jr./Sr. High School.

Most of the students enrolled at both schools have grown up with knowing about the competitiveness between both schools when it comes to sports.  When both schools face off in any event, there is always a heated battle between the players, student sections and fans.

These games are the ones members of the community look forward to most during any given season and creates an exhilarating atmosphere when attending a game.  But, there are instances where the rivalry goes too far and causes an even bigger rift between both schools and this year it seems that all bets are off.

Scrolling through Twitter will give you just a taste of what this bitter rivalry really looks like.  The amount of trash talking that is being dished out from both schools is incredibly troubling and to outsiders may make both schools look like sportsmanship doesn’t exist.

Note that there is nothing wrong with a fun school rivalry, but at times it has gone too far.  The way both schools have conducted themselves has been disgraceful to the programs they are trying to “defend.”  By tearing down the record or class rank of the other school’s team only causes a bigger rift to form.

To keep the rivalry from going too far, the competition should begin and end at the sports complex.  This means tweets and other posts against the opposing team are left out of the equation.  The team that wins should be allowed to celebrate their win and the fans can revel in that win as well, but not rubbing it in the faces of the competitor’s team or fans.  If you do post about the victory, mention your team only and do not speak of the other team’s effort; this will only get people into trouble.

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