Lebanon vs. Western Boone Over the Years

Throughout the decades one thing has stayed the same; the Lebanon and Western Boone rivalry.

Western Boone is the smallest school in the county, but it sure does draw a crowd when they compete against the Lebanon High School Tigers. Not only does Western Boone get involved with the chants, they like to cause a commotion on Twitter too.

“I think it is one of the best rivalries in the state and I love the competitiveness back and forth from both schools. It really makes it fun and makes the sport they are playing mean more from a student section perspective,” said senior Dalton Davis.

Social media has had a big influence on the rivalry. Lately, there has been a lot Twitter beef. The fights have varied depending on the occasion. Some students from both schools tried to make peace by posting “#RollBooneCounty,” but that only added fuel to the fire.

“The Lebanon-Western Boone Twitter fights are pointless and does nothing for our community,” said junior Garrett Unger.

Adding to the competition of the big rivalry MaxPreps has recorded statistics that Lebanon has 73 wins against Western Boone. While, Western Boone only has 27 wins against Lebanon.

“I feel like all the Western Boone people think that we hate them and it is not that deep. We just do not like their school. They like to take it to the next level, when we could care less about them,” said junior Ryan McConnaha.

Jeff Smock attended Lebanon High School during the years of 2000-2003. Teachers like Jeff Smock still have good memory of the sporting events against Western Boone.

“It was a game that you always knew that both sides were going to get up for.  Regardless of records at that point in the season, it was going to be a hard-fought game.  I do not remember my record against most schools from when I played, but I still to this day know my playing record against Western Boone,” said Smock.

The rivalry has been strong for over 22 years ago. Jeff Johnson attended Western Boone, in the year of 1995 and was involved with many sporting events against the tigers.

“In 1995, the Western Boone-Lebanon rivalry games were always the ones everyone looked forward to be playing. You could have had a good season, but if you lost against Lebanon then, it left a sour taste in your mouth. You played harder, watched more film, and at times… maybe ever played a little dirtier because you did not want the kids across the county to forget win or lose, they are going to have to fight to get bragging rights on that game,” said Jeff Johnson.

The Lebanon-Western Boone Rivalry has always got a lot of attention from Boone County, and will for many years to come.

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