Students Discuss the Hype Around College Basketball

For the die-hard basketball fans of the world, college basketball is officially back! Only four weeks in, major upsets have knocked some of the nation’s top teams out of the Top 5, while others are quietly building their March Madness resumes.

IMG_3736Senior Breanna Brewer has been a huge fan of college basketball ever since she was a little girl, but since her recent recruitment, has enjoyed watching the game even more.

“I grew up in an IU household so I naturally have just loved IU since I was young, but as I got older, I really started liking Florida Gulf Coast after I watched them play in the tournament and even went on a recruiting visit to meet with some of the coaches and players,” said Brewer.

Brewer mostly watches men’s college basketball despite being a woman just because she feels there is more “hype” and “excitement” surrounding the game. One thing she thinks needs to be changed is the rule that restricts players from going to the NBA straight out of high school.

“I think the NCAA needs to change that rule. NBA coaches should be able to draft these guys as soon as they are 18, working them into their program, and allowing them to develop in the NBA. Some of these guys are legitimately ready to play when they are seniors in high school and it is restricting their growth by making them play one year at the college level said Brewer.

IMG_1723Sophomore Drew Cosgray is another huge basketball fan, but to the dissatisfaction of Brewer, Cosgray is a huge Purdue fan!

“I have loved Purdue basketball my whole life. The “Paint Crew” makes every home game so fun to watch, and Purdue’s basketball team lately has played better, making it even more fun to keep up with them throughout the season,” said Cosgray.

Cosgray believes the best teams in college basketball right now are Duke and Michigan State with Purdue flying well under the radar.

“As good as Duke is, they will eventually get stopped by either Louisville or North Carolina,” said Cosgray.

Weirdly enough, Duke got taken down by Boston College this past week…LOL!

Junior Brannon Watson is one of the biggest Kentucky Wildcat fans at Lebanon High School, and despite their one loss early in the season, Watson still believes the Wildcats will be a fan favorite come tournament time. Watson, like others, enjoys watching college basketball more than watching the NBA.

“College is better than the pros in my opinion because I feel like there is more competition since most of the NBA players are only concerned about their contracts and how much money they are making. The college players are actually playing for something,” said Watson.

Watson is also a strong believer in the fact that high school players should still have to go to college out of high school, and should not be allowed to go straight to the pros.

“The NCAA and the NBA should not change the rule allowing high schoolers eligibility for the draft right after they graduate. I believe every high school basketball player should have to experience the college level at least once before going into the league. As good as a player may be, the majority of superstars coming out of high school are not going to be able to compete at a high level in the NBA right out of high school,” said Watson.

Watson believes that despite Duke’s recent loss to Boston College, Duke, Michigan State, and Kentucky will be the top teams to beat, but strongly believes Purdue, Arizona, and Xavier could make a surprising playoff push come tourney time.

Regardless of what teams are doing well and what teams haven’t lived up to their expectations thus far, college basketball will only continue to get more interesting the rest of this year and should be fun to watch come tournament time!

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