Students’ Experiences Working at Milky Way

Lebanon Milky Way has been serving in town for over 30 years and it is no secret that they do well as a business. From being an ice cream shop to a full-on restaurant, many Lebanon High School students have worked there. Of their employees, nine LHS students work there right now.

“While working at Milky Way, I get a lot of experience and it is definitely a good high school or Summer job. It is not my first job, but for a lot of people it is and honestly it is pretty easy with flexible hours,” said senior Cora Dale.

Dale has worked there for about three months and started working there because she has always wanted to work at an ice cream shop with her best friend.

“I like how at Milky Way everyone that works there is super nice and social. A lot of people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. My best memory of working is when Lisa Richards, my boss, tried to pour a bucket of water on senior Lizzie Hart and chased her out to her car,” said sophomore Jordan Windhorst.

Windhorst has worked there for about 6 months, and states she originally wanted a summer job to earn some money. Then she ended up really like working there. She wanted to save money for a car.

“I plan on working at Milky Way for as long as I can until college because scheduling is very flexible with sports and I actually like going to work sometimes. Some of the funniest memories are with my coworkers especially when all of them try weird things. Another coworker and I had to try the soapy water we clean with, but it is always just for fun,” said junior Kennedy Gibbons.

Gibbons has worked there for about seven months and states it is just a fun place to work.

“Milky Way is one of the few places in Lebanon that hires people at the age of 15 which is partially why I decided to work there. I feel like it would be a good job for any student, especially because they understand a busy schedule outside of work,” said Gibbons.

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