Mustin Feature

Energetic, passionate and understanding are just a few words used to describe Lebanon High School agriculture teacher and FFA advisor Cayla Mustin. She will be leaving LHS after this semester to expand her business, Daisy’s Designs. She has impacted our school, community, and students during her time teaching.

Mustin, being a member of Lebanon’s 2008 graduating class, has known English teacher Carol Kazmierczak since she was a sophomore. Kazmierczak was also her Yearbook Advisor.

“She was just always sort of the life of the party. She is so fun and bubbly she always kept us motivated. She was always the little cheerleader of the group. I really appreciated that about her,” said Kazmierczak.


After graduating, she went to Purdue for Agriculture Education and loved participating in choir. She also worked at Disney World’s greenhouses, building her knowledge of plants. Prior to teaching at Lebanon, she student taught at Tri-County and taught at Mount Vernon @ Fortville.

Ms. Mustin has taught many classes since she began teaching at Lebanon in 2015. She has coached Lebanon’s floriculture team, livestock judging team, soils team and other members for their leadership career development events. She has taught animal science, introduction to agriculture, horticulture, plant and soil science, ag business and natural resources.

“She has an ability to persevere through difficulties, because teaching can be hard. I also admire the work she does with FFA. I think that it is very commendable because she spends so much extra time and energy with that group and really makes a difference to those kids,” said Kazmierczak.

Freshman Sarah Huse met Mustin when she was seven when their families got in an accident with Mustin’s brother. The event actually formed a positive friendship between the two families. She had Mustin this year for introduction to agriculture.

“I joined 4-H when I has in third grade and I have wanted to do FFA and be involved in agriculture ever since then. She lives up to everything I wanted in a teacher,” said Huse.

Through the challenges of being a student it is nice to have a teacher who really cares about you and your success.

“I really like her smile. Black days are my hardest ones; I come there after geometry and she always seems to be very positive. It is nice because although we do work in her class, you know it is always going to be fun,” said Huse.

Huse loves how easy Mustin is to talk to and how kind-hearted she is. She has fun joking around with her. One of her favorite memories with Mustin is going to FFA banquets.

“She is very caring and you can tell that she is passionate about what she teaches. I am going to miss her,” said Huse.

Ms. Mustin has also impacted Teacher Wade Thatcher’s life as well. They were a year apart from each other in school. Thatcher is thankful for the many memories they have together hysterically laughing and will miss seeing his good friend every day.

“I find it fun to be able to work with a friend, and bring that friendship into the school day. We have fun and enjoy spending time together. Having someone you are close to outside of school, that works with you is fun,” said Thatcher.

Freshman Gracie Brandt met Mustin her 8th grade year through FFA. She has created a bond with Mustin through FFA and having her for animal science.

“She is very energetic with a great sense of humor. She knows how to understand people and get along with anyone you put her with,” said Brandt.

Brandt describes Mustin as creative and energetic and loves how fun she makes learning. She will also miss her as an advisor and as a teacher.

“I honestly cannot think of just one good memory, there are so many,” said Brandt.

After working at the school, Mustin hopes to continue being a known member of the community and still get, “Hey Ms. Mustin!!” when she sees students outside of school. Teachers and students will miss seeing her around the school, but we encourage her on her future journey.

“I’m going to miss working with her and seeing her every day. I just want to say I hope we can stay in contact and I hope I can help her with her next adventure in some way,” said Kazmierczak.

Thank you for your time as an advisor, a teacher and a friend.



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