Students Graduating Early

The four years of high school is quickly coming to an end for some particular seniors. Some seniors have new plans for the start of 2018, while others will choose to start in the work industry. The remaining seniors of the Class of 2018 will come back to the high school to finish out their last semester. This year there will be 20 seniors graduating early to get a start on adulthood. What will they be doing?

Selena Bailey: Planning on attending college to become a Dental Assistant.

Layne Coffman: When he graduates, he plans to go on and work with his father.

Jennifer Endsley: Planning to become a Juvenile Probabtion Officer.

Jacob Horlacher: Indecisive on either going into the military or going into Law Enforcement.

Karrie Lyons: Is planning on attending Ross Medical Institute to study nursing.

Madison McCloskey: Plans on staying close to home, going to a cosmetology school in Brownsburg.

Tess Melvin: She plans on taking some time off before heading to cosmetology school.

Corie Mooday: Working and then plans on going to college.

Austin O’Haver: Planning to become a plumber.

Matthew Olsofka: Has plans to go to Ivy Tech.

Gillian Parsley: In January, she is going to stay close to home. Next fall she is planning on going to Georgia State.

Sandra Paz: Plans on working and then go to Pennsylvania for college.

Anneliese Pedigo: She plans on to work for her family business after she graduates.

Madison Skiles: Planning to go to IUPUI to get a non-profit degree and do some work for the Boys and Girls Club.

Brody Woodrum: In January of 2018 he will be traveling down to Georgia to attend Linemen School.

Best wishes to the early graduates!

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