Right in between downtown Indianapolis and Lebanon, is a place called Whitestown.  It has grown into a great place to live, work, and hang out. It has been named the Fastest Growing Community in Indiana for six years in a row, and there is no sign of that growth slowing down.


Dax Norton

“We are in a very good spot in the region of the 14th largest city in the country, Indianapolis, so the interstate helps,” said Town Manager Dax Norton.

Not only is Whitestown becoming a popular destination for shopping and eating, but living too.

“I think another [reason] is that we are a very open and diverse community, and people know that, very tolerant and accepting of all, inclusive if you will,” said Norton.

With being so diverse and inclusive, Whitestown is able to implement things for future generations to really give it a community feel. Coming to Whitestown are things such as a walking trail, new park and even a community center.

Along with outdoor amenities for citizens, Whitestown is also getting a number of new shops and restaurants. Some of which have been long awaited by some.

“A lot of retail. Starbucks, Panera, Qdoba, Chick-Fil-A, a new ice cream shop [called] Fundaes. Also, new realty link shops which will bring Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, and Ross. Some other restaurant options are coming,” said Norton.

Whitestown Planning Director, Brittany Garriott, helps in making arrangements for new amenities and attractions in the town.

“We are right off of 65, so Whitestown is like a gateway. Just the kind of businesses we have attracted to Whitestown [are] a lot of family oriented businesses. Our residents as well are just great, so we are a very close-knit community and very supportive of our business,” said Garriott.

Brittany Garriott

Brittany Garriott

With more residents and attractions, Whitestown needed more housing for new residents.

“This year we had two new subdivisions. I think as we get more businesses coming to Whitestown, especially in our industrial type areas where they are hiring more, that does bring residential to help back that up,” said Garriott.

Without a doubt, Whitestown is making its name known. With more and more businesses coming in there is more economic growth with hundreds of jobs opening up and by the revenue being earned from those businesses.

Being such an inclusive and close knit community also allows for community activities, such as National Night Out which is held in August, and monthly movie nights at the Whitestown Municipal Complex. Events such as those bring the community together.

The rapid growth in Whitestown will attract a great number of teens and young adults, especially with all the favorite restaurants and well known shops coming in.

Not only is Whitestown the perfect location between Indianapolis and Lebanon, it is a great place to work, shop, play and live. There is still plenty of growing for Whitestown, so it will continue to be a town that stands out.

Norton has high hopes for Whitestown and is continuing to work towards meeting goals for the town.

“That it becomes not a suburb, but what we call a suburban, a sub urban area. We have some urban flare about us, we are a different community. We are very divers, we have a lot of culture. And that Legacy Core becomes exactly what we hope it becomes which is a rehabilitated historical area that has a 21st century flare,” said Norton.

Cover photo courtesy of Tanya Summers