NHS Lends a Hand

Last week, the students involved in Lebanon’s National Honor Society initiated their service project of collecting bags and blankets to aid residents of the children’s home. The project served those who lived in the homes who could not afford a bag to carry their personal belongings in, as most residents use plastic bags to move their belongings from one home to another.

The students of NHS had set up tables at the basketball games in order to collect gently used bags and blankets, along with money donations. Students who brought in a used bag or blanket and dropped it off to the table got a free ticket to the game. Lebanon’s NHS president, Nick Zamora, expands on the aspects of the project.

Senior Nick Zamora

“We are collecting these bags and blankets for the children who leave the homes, so they are able to use a real bag instead of a plastic bag when they move from home to home,” said Zamora.

This is only one of the projects that our National Honor Society is taking part in this year, so Zamora also encourages students to get involved in other service projects taking place the rest of the year.

“I encourage students to get involved in these projects; a lot of the time these people really need it and its good to give back to people who have had the opportunity to help you,” said Zamora.

Zamora saw quite a bit of student involvement in this project, though.

Another member of National Honor Society, junior Alyna Sell, took part in the recent project and witnessed the effect it had on the students and on our society. Sell encourages students to get involved to benefit the project as a whole.

Junior Alyna Sell

“Even in our kids have been though an orphanage, so donating is important because you never know how far a little donation will go. The kids need new bags; they should not just be using trash bags,” said Sell.

Junior Dom Seppel, another member of NHS, advocates for the importance of giving these children adequate bags, especially for the benefit of keeping their clothes clean. Like Sell and Zamora, Seppel encourages students to donate or get involved in service projects to help the community.

Junior Dom Seppel

“Getting involved is important for the people it helps and the lives it changes,” said Seppel.

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