Will Josh McDaniels Save the Colts?

After six years with the Colts Franchise, Chuck Pagano is officially out as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Pagano’s firing was expected after the Colts had their worst season in his six-year tenure that resulted in a 4-12 record this season, along with some recent controversy behind his decision making. Pagano stirred the critics when the Colt’s pro-bowl corner Vontae Davis was cut from the team after choosing to have surgery to fix a groin problem, and then his decision to put Jacoby Brissett back in the game against the Titans after suffering a possible concussion.

IMG_0513Sophomore Luke Ferrell and his family have been season ticket holders for the Indianapolis Colts for quite some time now, and despite the love he had for Pagano, Ferrell was not surprised to see him go.

“No I was not at all surprised to see him go. I liked Chuck and all, but the future is bright and I think it was time to move on,” said Ferrell.

There has been a lot of talk that the Patriot’s current offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, will be hired as the Colt’s next head coach after Super Bowl LII. Known for leading the Patriots offense to a great deal of success where he has made eight Super Bowl appearances, McDaniels also carries a lot of baggage with him. Josh McDaniels has had only one head coaching stint in his entire coaching career, and it was a complete disaster. In 2010, as head coach of the Denver Broncos, Josh McDaniels was fired before the season ended as his team had a 3-9 record, one of the worst seasons in Bronco history. This leaves many fans to wonder, has McDaniels learned from his mistakes in Denver?

“I don’t know anything about him other than the fact he has been Tom Brady’s offensive coordinator for many years now. Hopefully he can bring Andrew Luck a lot of success,” said Ferrell.

Despite whoever takes over as head coach of the Colts this coming season, Ferrell has one last message for Colts fans out there who are optimistic about whether or not the team will be worth cheering for in the near future.

“Stay blue Indy #GoColts,” concluded Ferrell.

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