How to: Avoid Dry Skin and Chapped Lips

Dry skin and chapped lips are almost impossible to avoid in the winter. We asked 200 students here at Lebanon High School if they struggle with dry skin or chapped lips in the winter, and over 87% said that they indeed did. What are the secrets behind maintaining soft skin in the bitter cold?


If you are struggling with dry skin or a dry face, you should never use a scented moisturizer. Although Bath and Body Works has the best picks when it comes to scent, the website Beauty Brains states that it can actually make your dry skin worse in the long run. The chemicals in the perfume creates a film on your hands/body, making it almost impossible for the actual lotion to do its’ job. Using an unscented moisturizer like Cetaphil, CeraVe, Aveeno, or Nivea can get your skin back in shape in no time.


“Even though my skin tends to get drier in the winter, I usually just stick with my basic skin routine. When I am at home I tend to use the unscented lotion, we keep in our bathroom and it always helps keep my face moisturized,” said junior Abbi Wirey.


But what about students who participate in swim? When swimming, the chlorine tends to dry out your skin naturally, so swimming in the winter makes it exceptionally hard to keep your skin soft and smooth.


“I use a special lotion called TriSwim that helps reduce the effects of chlorine. I put in on both my face and body, along with vitamin E oil on my lips to keep them from getting super dry,” said senior Kyleigh VanDokkenburg.


When moisturizing your skin, you should do it twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. This way your skin will not become oily from over-moisturizing, but you will also be able to maintain and fight your dry skin.


Sophomore Mercedes Highwood enjoys using Burts Bees chapstick to keep her lips from becoming chapped.


“I enjoy using this chapstick because not only does it work well on my lips, it also smells really good which makes it easy to wear,” said Highwood.


Scented chapsticks are not bad for you because they use natural oils to create the scent. Burts Bees is a good choice if you are wanting a scented chapstick because it is an all-natural product and uses natural oils to hydrate the lips.


“My favorite chapstick brand is definitely either Carmex or EOS because it heals my lips instantly,” said Wirey.


The best chapstick brands you can choose from are Burts Bees, Chapstick, Carmex, or Eos. Not only will they moisturize your lips in hours, they also come in natural scents that are could be good for your lips and easy to wear.


The truth is, dry skin in the winter is inevitable, but putting these tips to use could get you on the road to soft smooth skin in no time.

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