Lebanon Wrestler Jacob Mcclaine Captures 3rd Conference Title

During 7th grade, Jacob McClaine at the age of 13, started his wrestling career and fell in love with it. At first McClaine, did not want to wrestle because he did not think it was the cool thing to do at the time, but he decided to go through with it because of his dad. After asking what impacted him to continue on through high school, McClaine said,

“Even though I did not want to do it at first, I was actually really good my first year. National teams were watching and I was being invited to a lot of tournaments.”

His hardest obstacle he has to overcome every year is getting into wrestling shape, which is extremely difficult. During the season, McClaine goes through intense training that involves 2 ½ hour practices every day, sometimes twice a day, while running 2 miles each night. Despite his obstacle of getting into shape, McClaine recently achieved his biggest accomplishment on January 13th, by winning the conference tournament for the third time.

“It felt really good winning conference for the third time, just knowing you’re the best 3 years in a row is a great feeling.”

Not only was he a 3-time winner for conference but as well as a 2-time sectional winner.

Out of the six years McClaine has been wrestling his best memory is attending State his Junior year. This experience motivates him to keep going.

“I lost in the first round at State last year, so getting the opportunity to go back to state and potentially win has motivated me this year.”

Going back to state is not the only thing that keeps McClaine going, his Dad has been a big part of his wrestling career.

“My dad has been there since the beginning of my career, he has drove thousands of miles to go watch me wrestle, he has pushed me to my limits to make me better, and wants me to achieve my goals.”

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If McClaine had to give advice to Juniors and underclassmen that wrestle it would be to work hard, focus on your goals, and to not mess around during practices.

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