Pixie Playhouse Half-Time Performance

Pixie is well known in the community for building strong youth characters and being an exceptional daycare center. Throughout the day, the young children learn leadership skills, participate in sharing activities, enjoy lunch and naptime all while being in a fun yet educational environment.

“I believe Pixie is known for their generosity and support. They always included everyone and I have many good childhood memories like Ria feeding us vanilla wafers. Phoebe.jpgPixie also taught me how to speak up by teaching my classmates and I songs for our Pixie Performances,” said Junior Christian Knight.

The children have been practicing their performance for over a month now. All of the Pixie children are very excited to be in front of the crowd.

“I tell my mom to “Hit It” (snaps fingers) when I am ready to shake it and practice,” said 5-year-old Phoebe.

Jasper.jpgMiss Becky Albano, a staff member, loves getting to plan the show and keeping it mostly a surprise. She enjoys getting to teach all of the children new songs and dances.

“I practice the whole thing at home while my mom plays the music,” said 5-year-old Jasper.

Pixie has been nominated for Best Playschool school around, per Boone County People’s choice awards. Likewise, many of our Lebanon High School Students were former Pixies in their earlier years.

“Honestly what I remember most about the half time Pixie performance was getting to be a basketball player. I recall trying to act so cool because my Uncle was there to watch me,” said Huse.

Most of the Pixie dance will stay a surprise for the big event. A majority of the kid’s favorite parts are getting to dance Co-Ed.

Wyatt.jpg“My favorite part of the dance is the pointing move,” said 5-year-old Wyatt.

“The boy’s dance moves are really cool with their feet,” said 5-year-old Rilee.

Rilee.jpgRilee has been at Lebanon High School multiple times and always sits in the stands behind her father, Coach Vaughn, during the Boys Varsity games. She is thrilled to be getting to go out on the court this February.

“I’ve been there many times, and sit behind the bench with my dad, now I get to dance,” said 5-year-old Rilee.

Liam.jpgThere are many different parts to the Pixie Performance including cheering, dancing, playing basketball and more. Pixie instills lifetime values and hold the respect for our national anthem.  Pixie preschoolers will also be leading everyone in the National Anthem before the big game Friday, February 10.

“I’m doing the basketball part, and I get to shoot it,” 5-year-old said Liam.

Pixie Playhouse has been doing a performance every year during the boys’ basketball half time for over 30 years. They will continue the Pixie tradition Saturday Feb. 10th.


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