Trending Shows Through LHS

 There are a variety of trending shows that many Lebanon high school students share an interest for. The shows that students have tended to like more were from years 1994 through 2017. The good and bad shows that students recommended were a variety and it seems the bad shows were kind of similar to the shows they did not like.

Junior, Gabriella Nunnally likes to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and the show Friends. Both of these shows can be found on Netflix and Grey’s Anatomy can be found also on Hulu. Grey’s Anatomy has 14 seasons while Friends has 10 seasons. Nunnally typically watches these two shows by herself or with her family. Nunnally hates The Bachelor and The Good Doctor because to her they seem pointless and not intriguing.

Nunnally said,” I can watch Grey’s Anatomy or Friends for two hours at the minimum because both of these shows are enjoyable and get me hooked in.”

Unlike Nunnally, sophomore Alex Jones said, “I hate Grey’s Anatomy and thinks it is a pretty dumb and boring show.”

Jones watches all of his favorite shows on Netflix. Jones spends hours on end watching Friends. The true reason he watches Friends is because it is funny and more realistic then most television shows out there today and it shows how the real world has ups and downs.

Friends is on Netflix, Hulu, and regular television still but to watch all the seasons he would recommend watching it on either Netflix or Hulu. Friends will keep you busy with all ten seasons of the show.

Jones states, “I love watching Friends with my friends and family because it is a kind of show everyone can enjoy watching no matter who you are with.”

Sophomore, Madison Maher like Nunnally hates to watch the Bachelor due to it being irritating and not interesting at all. Maher likes to spend her free time when she’s not on the field playing soccer binge watching The Office. As many, know The Office is very comical and very addictive once you just watch one episode because once you have watched one episode next thing you know you are watching season after season. Maher typically watches The Office with her cat and guinea pig and sometimes her parents.

Maher said, “I love The Office so much that I pretty much spent most of my summer and days and weeks just watching it and I would 10 out 10 recommend this show.”

Junior, Tyler Parker watches an unfamiliar show that is called, “The Ranch”. The Ranch is not a series but, it is in parts and has four parts so far. Parker typically watched The Ranch in all one day and The Ranch is only found on Netflix. Parker enjoys watching The Ranch by himself in his room typically and one show that he has found so similar to all the other reality and scandals shows is How To Get Away With Murder but, he finds the criminal side kind of unique.

Parker Said, “The Ranch is hilarious and really shows that sometimes family is the most dependable.”

Senior, Scott Plavcan’s favorite show to watch that airs on Netflix called, “Prison Break”. Typically, he watches this show alone and watches more family oriented shows with his parents and siblings. Prison break is a very interesting and has a great story line in Plavcan’s opinion. Plavcan seems to not so much like The Big Theory because he does not seem to find the show at all relatable or funny at any point of time.

Plavcan said, “Prison Break is a show about a relatable guy trying to rescue his brother and friends from a corrupt government.”

Throughout LHS there are variety of students with variety of different favorite shows. Some students seem to relate to not liking a show that some other student likes.

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