Winter Sports Sectional Preview

Boys’ Basketball:

Boys’ basketball sectionals will begin February 27th at our own Lebanon High School. Senior Tyler Welborn believes that they are provided an opportunity to show their dedication throughout the season.

“It is what you work for all year, from the first day of practice to the very last game,” said Welborn.

Welborn believes their toughest competition is Crawfordsville. Playing sectionals is also a bonding experience for the team.

“We gain motivation and show what we can do when it matters,” said Welborn.

Boys’ Swim and Dive:

The boys’ swim sectionals will commence February 15th at 5:30 pm with a second round on February 17th at 9 am. Both are at Zionsville. Junior Austin Orr says that the team is more focused on improving individual times than they are winning sectionals.

“It is about trying to get our times down as much as we can. It is just the boys’ team for our sectionals, so it brings us closer as a team,” said Orr.

Orr also says that the time practicing and the meets themselves are great bonding time for the team.

Girls’ Basketball:

The girls’ basketball sectionals are February 2nd at 6:00 pm and February 3rd at 7:30 pm if they win the first game. Both are at Crawfordsville. Junior Amelia Mills believes that this is a great time for their team to prove that they are just as good as other teams.

“Sectionals is a time where it is zero-zero, and we can prove to ourselves as well as to our community that we have what it takes to be a good team,” said Mills.

Mills says that they are focused on working well as a team and the goal of winning.

“Whether you win or lose you do it as a team. You have to rely on each other because you have to go all in, everyone has to be motivated. Everyone contributes,” said Mills.

Girls Swim and Dive:

Girls swimming sectionals are February 1st at 5:30 pm as well as February 3rd at 9 am. Both are at Zionsville. Senior Noelle Parks says that the girls team is also focused on improving individual times.

“It is my last high school swim meet, so I am looking forward to going back in to club and then to college. I also hope to break the record in the 200 freestyle,” said Parks.

Parks believes that West Lafayette, Lafayette Jefferson, and Zionsville are their toughest competition in sectionals.

“Because our sectional is one of the hardest in the state, we treat it as a way to focus on our individual times rather than focusing on placing,” said Parks.


Wrestling sectionals occurred Saturday at 8:30 am in Frankfort. Jacob McClaine captured 1st, and fellow wrestlers Easton Williamson, Camren Toole, Nick Morgan, Carter Germonprez and Ross Wood will advance to regionals as well.

“It is what we work for the whole year, preparing for sectionals and regionals,” said Freshman Nick Morgan.LHS Boys Basketball-7911.jpg

Morgan says that it was fun being able to hang out with his teammates, but also felt the pressure of a larger crowd watching.

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