News of the Week

National: There have been reports of a few on-going investigations concerning former members of the Trump campaign.

The most recent investigation was against Trump’s campaign advisor, many questioning if he had any ties to Russia.

People became curious, especially partisan leaders, as to what the memo contained.  The FBI stated that there were many inaccuracies within the memo and should not be released.

A hashtag started on Twitter (#ReleaseTheMemo) demanding the GOP memo be released to the general public.

After the release of the original memo, both parties are planning to release their own memos concerning the investigation.

Sports: On February 4th, the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots faced off in the 52nd Super Bowl.

The Eagles ended up beating the Patriots 41-33, marking the first ever Super Bowl win for Philadelphia in franchise history.

Law: Larry Nassar, the disgraced former doctor in charge of the Michigan State and Olympic gymnast teams was sentenced this past week after accusations of sexual assault were uncovered late last year.

Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years for his crimes after 100+ women addressed him in court.

The judge told Nassar, “I have signed your death warrant.”

Nassar will begin serving his sentence after completing his 60-year sentence in federal prison for child pornography charges.

In a recent court hearing against Nassar, a disgruntled father lunged at him in a fit of rage.

The father had three daughters who had accused Nassar of abuse.

His was originally held on contempt of court charges, but the judge later dropped those charges.

Tech: Facebook has found themselves in some hot water with parenting organizations after the social media giant released a messaging app for kids.

The targeted audience is children age 13 and younger and is meant to be a learning tool for them; a way of contacting loved ones and friends for those who do not have any social media platform yet.

The children using the app would not have to create an account themselves.  The use of this Messenger app would be connected through their parents’ accounts and the parents would be able to place restrictions on who their child talks to and any other restrictions the parents deem fit.

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