Early Action for Prom Shopping

With prom at Lebanon High School starting in April, is it considered too early to go shopping for the right dress? Most seniors have gone through the process of finding the dress, shoes, and dates before this year.

Senior Cora Dale has actually gone to prom for three years now and has been looking for her prom dress this year since January 4th, 2018.

“I decided to go shopping in January because I wanted to be ahead of the game. I didn’t want to worry about not having enough time to find the right dress or someone having the same dress,” said Dale.

A few prom dress stores include Diggz, K’s Boutique, and RaeLynn’s, but Dale wanted to find somewhere with more options. She went somewhere no one has really heard of, Peaches Boutique.

“Peaches is in Chicago, Illinois, but it was worth the drive. In years past, I felt rushed to find a dress because I felt I was choosing from other people’s left overs. I didn’t want a dress other people have tried on, and this place does not sell the same dress to the same event,” said Dale.

Senior Hannah Wirey started prom dress shopping in the middle of January for her second high school prom.

“I am not 100% sure I have found the right dress yet, but I will still be looking around. I feel like when I find the right one I will know because I will not want to try anymore dresses on. I just did not want someone to pick a prom dress that I liked and then I would not be able to get it,” said Wirey.

Senior Abi Delph will be attending prom for her second year and went shopping once this year where she found her prom dress.

“My friend and I were just shopping at Castleton Square Mall and we saw Stephen’s Prom and Beyond so we just went to check it out. We were not really looking to find a dress, but trying on dresses to try on. The dress I got was the second one I tried on and I feel it fits my personality very well,” said Delph.

Some students feel they are worried all the dresses will be picked over if they wait and others just do not want to worry about what dress they are going to wear. According to LHS seniors, it is not too early to find a dress for prom in April.

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