Should Lebanon Have E- Learning Days?

Nowadays, not many people have textbooks anymore. Schools get to expand their use of technology.  With Lebanon High School getting MacBooks, why are we not doing E- Learning days? Our school does well with snow days and professional development days, but have they ever thought of a transition to days where we learn from home? Would it be beneficial for our school to do E- Learning?

E- Learning is where you would get full access to online instructions with the classes you take provided by each individual teacher.  Teachers would still use Canvas how they already do, the lesson for the day would be interactive and relate to what they have been learning.  You are still learning but you would not have to go to school to do so.  Your lessons would just have to be finished before returning to the class, so there would be no specific schedule you would follow.

On these days, if you want to attend school it will be a whole day of study hall. Students that cannot stay home that day or do not have internet at home are able to go to the school. You are even allowed to go to school and buy breakfast or lunch if you wish.

All cooperations do their E- Learning days different. Schools could do a day every other week or just have a few days out of the 180 school days planned to do E- Learning.  Some schools use their snow days as an E- Learning day as well. If we filled our snow day then we would not have to make it up on a nice day at the end of the year.

A benefit of E- Learning Days would be that students will develop adequate computer skills.  In college, students usually take at least one online class.  A lot of things that are done will most likely be submitted electronically.

This could help students with responsibility, organization and time management. Teachers could see how a student is doing outside of their class and if they really understand that lesson.  In classwork compared to work done at home could show really how a student is doing.

Students are able to plan their E- Learning day how they want to.  This day is just like a school day, but from home and you do not have a time limit to finish work that was given.

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