One Last Go Around: Sports Edition

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Some Lebanon High School students have been playing sports all of their life while others have only played during high school. For most of them, playing in games and going to practice every day is all that they have ever known. Senior Tori Harker has been playing volleyball for seven years, basketball for ten years, and softball for ten years.


“For me, playing sports has been my life. Since I was little, my older siblings used to always play in the backyard and they inspired me to find which sports I loved to play. Even though I have played basketball and softball longer, volleyball will always be my favorite. It’s different than the others and it never grows old to me,” said Harker.


Harker plans to continue her volleyball career at Indiana University East after high school. She loved playing in high school and is not ready to give up playing just yet.


“My senior year has been very different than every other year playing. All of our teams’ leaders have left and now I have to step in for the vocal leader. The seniors have to show the younger girls what we are as a team and that you have to earn your spot. Work ethic and time management will play a big factor in these sports,” said Harker.


On the other hand, senior Thomas Engels plays tennis, runs track and field, and swims, but does not want to continue his sports career in college.


“I really enjoyed sports enough in middle school to continue in high school and meet new people, but I’m ready for a new start in my life. I chose to play the non-common sports because I wanted to really grow in those few sports rather than sit back and not learn anything,” said Engels.


Engels has swam for seven years, played tennis for six years, and also ran track and field for six years.


“It’s honestly so weird knowing it’s the last time playing your sports and having your senior night. The leadership role has created a different atmosphere and I will miss being on these teams,” said Engels.


Senior Lizzie Hart has played soccer for fourteen years and tennis for seven years but does not believe she is ready to say goodbye. She started playing soccer as a young girl and grew to love the game and tennis quickly became a new talent as well.


“My last year playing soccer was definitely hard to get used to. I was used to being the one who looked up to others but I quickly became the one that others looked up to. I knew I had to let go of the sport I love when I didn’t want to,” said Hart.


Hart plans to play soccer after high school but is undecided on where she will go. The memories from these sports will carry on and the next chapter begins.


“It’s hard but you just have to let go and have fun. You cannot be young forever so you might as well make the best of it as you can. It goes by fast and before you know it, it will all be a memory,” said Hart.

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