The Meaning Behind Homeroom

Every day after second hour, Lebanon High School has a twenty-minute period where students do not have class time. Many students know this time period as Lab, but this year it has changed to what is now known as Homeroom.

No matter the name, Lab or Homeroom, the main purpose is to allow students the time to get help from teachers, give out information about activities and hold club meetings, and give students the chance to take a mental break by having the opportunity to socialize and get food from Tiger Town or the café which benefits students with C lunch.

“During homeroom, I either go to teachers to ask questions, do my homework, or just hang out with my friends,” said senior Olivia Guest

“I like the idea of it because it gives me a middle of the day break, but I normally either take a power nap or watch a movie,” said freshman Logan Harrington

Homeroom has been around 23 years, but despite the name change there is something that is different that many students have noticed. If you simply walk around the school, and look at teachers’ doors you will see a sign that most often reads, “insert sign.” This means that, that specific teachers homeroom is closed for only their students and homeroom students. Some students see this as good thing and some feel the complete opposite.

“I do not like it because from experience I used to go to a homeroom that was open for all students with my friends and then one day the teacher just closed it leaving us nowhere to go. I also do not like it when some teachers open and close it and you do not know what to do,” said junior Taylor Rice

Some students believe having teachers close their labs for their students only because it allows students to get extra help from teachers if they need it without the interruption from students who just socialize during homeroom. Teachers also allow students to make up quizzes or tests during this time if they do not have a study hall like some students.

Not only are students split on the issue of closing homerooms but there are still teachers that allow their homeroom to be open for all students like Ms. Becker or Mrs. Wolfgang.

“That is the ideology of homeroom to have it open, in theory they are allowed to find friends and hangout during that time. I normally have the same group of kids every day and I am fine with that. Whether my homeroom is open or closed I still allow students to come and get help and to visit,” said English teacher Ms. Becker.

“For many students’ homeroom is a time that they can relax and socialize with friends. It does not bother me to have a social environment as long as the students that come into my room are respectful to each other and to my room,” said English teacher Mrs. Wolfgang.

The teachers that close their homeroom believe that it provides a more focus environment for students that come in to get help with homework or lessons.

Homeroom or Lab, Open or Closed, Work time or Free time, this time in our day is a time that allows students to have a break.

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