This is The Voice

The stage is set, the lights are bright and set on center stage. The last weekend of January several thousand-people stood in below freezing temperatures for a spot on the new season of NBC’s The Voice.

With people from in and outside the state of Indiana, two of Lebanon High School’s students- freshman Tucker Ransom, and junior Kailyn Rittenberry, both auditioned for a spot on the show.

“One of the best parts is that everyone was so nervous, so everyone was super friendly to each other and it was actually really surprising, expecting people to be more competitive with each other in this type of situation.” said Ransom.

Early in the morning they both stood outside of Bankers Life Field House in below freezing temperatures, surrounded by many people they did not know. Being the only two students from LHS to be trying out for an opportunity like this, this was a big accomplishment being recognized by people all throughout the Lebanon community.

“I swear my heart was down my toes, but it was so much fun even though I was terrified.” said Ransom.

Ransom found out about the auditions through his father, who actually was the one to sign him up for the audition and let him know a week before hand.

When he heard news about the auditions, he seemed more scared than excited at first, but he says he did not regret the decision at all.

“I was nervous until I got up there and started singing, after that I really was not nervous anymore.” said Rittenberry.

She sang “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John in front of a casting director from LA, who she says gave her very helpful and positive feedback.

“The judges feedback to me consisted of him explaining that the show is basically a TV game show, it is supposed to be more for entertainment and for the viewers and watchers at home to get interested in,” said Rittenberry, “But he did tell me that I was impressive.”

Being an all-day, nerve wracking experience, when not auditioning, lots of people took part in fun activities with each other including starting karaoke groups and getting to know one another in between auditions.

“I was one of the youngest people there, the age varied from people in their 20s to this 60-year-old woman who I became very close with.” said Ransom.

“I loved getting to sing and meet a lot of people and feed positive energy off of each other, even though most of the day was waiting in line, it was still worth it.” said Rittenberry.

Unfortunately, neither student did receive a call-back, but both agree that auditioning for The Voice was an eye-opening experience that they hope to try out again for in the future.

Season 14 of The Voice premieres Monday, February 26th at 8/7c.

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