Forever My Girl Movie Review

For all of those chick flick/love story fans out there, Forever My Girl could be the movie for you. However, it is more than just that. Guys out there who do dread watching love stories with their girlfriend, you have nothing to fear here. Forever My Girl is a story of love, family, faith, and second chances.

Forever My Girl is the story of a Louisiana boy, Liam Page, who caught fame at the wrong time, skipped town on his soon to be wife, and ended up neck deep in bad influences, drowning his sorrows and mistakes in booze and women. After the tragic death of a lifelong friend, Page returns home to pay his respects, and ends up getting caught up by a girl he knows all too well.

Jessica Rothe, who plays the role of Josie in the film, plays the role of Liam Pages ex-fiancé who he left at the alter on their wedding day after being offered the life of a famous country singer.

The story complicates even more when Liam goes to Josie’s flower shop in an attempt to apologize for all of the pain he has brought to her, and to his surprise ends up meeting his seven-year-old daughter, Billy, who Josie found out about only weeks after Page began his superstardom into the music world.

After the initial discovery of his daughter, Page realizes how he has messed up relationships with his father, Josie, and everyone else in the town of St. Augustine. After realizing this, Page does everything he can to mend his relationship with his father, which he does successfully, and also reasons with Josie to try and get to know his daughter.

In the film, the character of Billy, played by Abby Ryder Fortson, is the sweet, yet cunning little girl who takes many traits from her daddy including her smile, interests, and even talent, as she just picked up a guitar and started playing midway through the movie.

After mending relationships with both Josie and Billy, and being on the verge of having a happy family, a near death experience for Billy under Liam’s watch causes Josie’s brother Jake to urge Liam to leave and not come back, as he believes Billy and Josie would be better off without him.

After his departure for a second time, Liam is overseas performing when his manager pushes him to see what he really wants, his daughter and Josie, his soon to be wife. Liam makes his way home as quick as he can, and leaves a memento on Josie’s porch to prove his loyalty for her since the day he left, and to really tie to whole movie together. Now, what that item is, I’ll leave to you to find out. If you have any spare time, Forever My Girl is worth the money to see.

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