Major League Baseball: Players On the Move

Since the final out was recorded back in early November, Major League Baseball teams have changed tremendously through offseason acquisitions and trades. With the movement of big time superstars including outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, third baseman Todd Frazier, pitcher Yu Darvish, outfielder Andrew McCutchen and many more, 2018 is looking to be a very competitive year in the MLB.

Giancarlo Stanton (New York Yankees): When rumors started brewing back in December about Stanton possibly parting ways with the Miami Marlins, chatter began about who could possibly have the cash to land the 6’6 250-pound slugger. Well, the team with the most cash in all of baseball (the Yankees) had just the right amount of money to sway the four-time all-star all the way to the Big Apple. With his league leading 59 homeruns in 2017, Stanton will look to add even more pop to an already stacked Yank’s lineup. With the acquisition of Stanton, the Bronx Bombers hold the two biggest and brightest bombers in baseball with Stanton, along with Aaron Judge, who was second in homeruns last year.

Todd Frazier (New York Mets): There was no hiding the fact that if the New York Yankees, Frazier’s former team, wanted to land Giancarlo Stanton, they would have to clear some room in their salary cap. Well, Frazier, a very well-decorated player in his time in the Majors, was one of the players that had to be cleared out in order to bring Stanton in. At 32 years old, Frazier is in the peak of his career and still has potential to add some run production to a team that struggled scoring, or winning in that matter, a year ago. With his solid defense and consistent bat, Frazier should give the Mets a fighting chance at competing for the National League East crown. If nothing else, Frazier is will be sitting happy with his 2 year/ $17 million contract that he has recently signed.

 Yu Darvish (Chicago Cubs): After the acquisition of this ace from the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cubbies fans still cannot get the smile off of their faces. Despite a less than stellar 2017 season where he captured only 10 wins against 12 losses, and had a 3.86 earned run average, Darvish still shows promise and is seen as one of the premier pitchers in the MLB. Darvish will add to the Cubs consistent pitching staff highlighted by Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester, as well as a team that went 92-70 a year ago. Darvish will look to help Chicago capture another World Series, with their last coming in 2016.


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Andrew McCutchen (San Francisco Giants): After working out the details of a 7 year/$65 million contract, Andrew McCutchen is ready to get to work for the San Francisco Giants. McCutchen will most likely lead off for a lineup with major run producing potential. Followed by another new face in San Fran in third-baseman Evan Longoria, as well as stud catcher Buster Posey, McCutchen will look to be a threat early in games getting on base to be pushed across the plate by his fellow teammates. With his tremendous speed and ball tracking ability, McCutchen should have no problem running down balls in AT&T Park.

It will be interesting to see how the 2018 season shakes out, but for all of the baseball fans out there, you only have to wait another month to find out. It is looking to be a very exciting year in Major League Baseball.

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