New Snapchat Update

Recently, the social media app, Snapchat redesigned their whole app. Making most the users hate the app more and more every day. The update has pushed every user away from the app each day. “Snappers” have made a petition to get rid of this snapchat update. There was a fake tweet that was put out that Snapchat was supposed to go back to “normal” on February 20th.

Snapchats redesign has put snap stories and incoming snaps on the one “friends” page. Sending snaps are more confusing to send, it is difficult to re-watch stories, and the “discovered page” has been replaced with feature content. People are even getting locked out of their old memories and incoming snapchats and stories are no longer in chronological order. The new update is even causing users to lose their messages with people and losing some streaks.

The petition that over one million people have signed on is not really showing the CEO anything. The petition will not help them to change it back.

The CEO, Evan Spiegel, mentioned that Snapchat is underlying technological pieces. He mentions that the backlash of the app actually validates the redesign.

The false tweet is making people wonder is Snapchat will actually listen. So far there is no indication that Snapchat will not reverse the changes. There was even an article that the CEO of Snapchat is happy to hear that users do not like the new update.

Some snappers are doing the little trick of getting the old snap back. By doing the step-by-step deleting the app, going to settings, and doing all the extra steps, but does that really work? The trick will happen for a few people and then just go back to the new update in a short time. So really do not waste your time because we will just be stuck with the update.

The app update was supposed to make it easier to mess with and to be clearer with. Snapchat is not any easier to use and is making the features more difficult. It has been a love/hate relationship with app. Users are getting over the update and liking it and others are still frustrated and hating the app and not using it. Everyone better get used to the update because it will not be changing anytime soon.

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