Senior Staff – One Last

There are many “last” coming up for our seniors and in a blink of an eye it will be you. Everything happens so fast, do not sit and waste your high school years away. Our senior staff for The Pennant reflected on how the past two years in the classroom for Pennant has been.

Our Co- Editor in Chief and News Editor Kiara Conley has been with the school newspaper since her sophomore year. After high school, she plans on attending University of Indianapolis, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Spanish. The class has helped her take away the journalism skills that she will use in the future.

“I joined The Pennant because I wanted to try something new, I enjoy writing and thought I could utilize it through the newspaper. I believe students should join so you can get yourself out there, you get to know more people, you grow into friendships. The class is a hardworking but an enjoyable class,” said Conley.

Being the News editor has helped Conley realize that it is hard for a journalist to get credit. She always tries to make the stories unbiased but extremely informative. Co- Editor in Chief, a hefty but enjoyable role, taught her how to take on a big lead and to run the class smoothly. She figured out her strengths and weaknesses with this role.

Kobe Burtron is also our other Editor in Chief along the Feature Editor. He joined because his dad was also a part of Pennant when he was in high school. He believed it would be a great opportunity to strengthen his writing and getting to know his peers better. Burtron plans to attend Purdue University, majoring in Economics and General Management, he even might be able to manage the Purdue Men’s Basketball Team.

“Pennant has strengthened my leadership, communicative, and writing skills, also has helped me have better personal relations with other students around school. If you are passionate about writing or just wanting to know about the school and others, Pennant would be the class to join. You will not regret taking this class and it will strengthen your college resume,” said Burtron.

Janiah Holloway is the Arts and Entertainment Editor along with Photography. She plans on attending the Art institute of Indianapolis and getting her Bachelor’s of Science in Fashion Design. This class has helped her with writing for other classes as well.

“I believe if you are the type of person with unique ideas and a love for writing you should join The Pennant. I wanted my passion for writing go to the next level. I love to be hands on and use my full experience when I interview people, I always get to learn more about people,” said Holloway.

With Holloway taking on the Photography role it has helped her in different ways and made her improve her photography skills. She loves the Arts and Entertainment section because she is able to show the creative side of Lebanon High School and even around the community.

“Sure, yearbook is cool, but I like the idea of having multiple pieces of my own work that I am always allowed to go look back on, no matter how old it is,” said Holloway.

Ally Zink, the Health and Beauty Editor, plans to attend Purdue University and study Law and Society. The class has helped her become a better writer and have different aspects of the school rather than all the basics, the class helped her think of more ideas that she would normally not think about.

“Joining The Pennant made me get more involved with the school and meet new people all around the school. Everyone should put effort into their own stories, you should want people to read them. Think about what you would want to read versus what you would not want to read. You learn a lot about yourself as a journalist,” said Zink.

The Pennants Sports Editor Nick Bland joined the class because he heard it was a great experience and would help him with his writing.

“My advice to upcoming reporters is to branch out there, be different. You always want to find stories that people want to hear about. When you join this class, you will improve your writing and get to dig deeper into the school environment,” said Bland.

Bland will be attending Anderson University this fall majoring in either Criminal Law or Pre-Law with a Legal Studies minor. At Anderson Bland will be playing on the baseball team as well.

Lexie Rutan is the Editorial Editor. She joined this class because she knew it would widen her opportunities to get out and meet new people and know what is going on in LHS and around our community. She plans on attending Purdue University, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology.

“Joining this class really opens all kinds of doors for people. You are able to see things from different aspects. The class helps you in more ways than you would expect. It really makes you think outside the box. I had no interest in writing when I first joined but I knew that it would help me and make it easier to write anything,” said Rutan.

There is more to this class than what you would anticipate. The Pennant has a lot of hardworking students that make the school newspaper grow every day.

Alongside of all the hassle of always bettering the newspaper, we celebrate our hard work with parties. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting to eat a tons of junk food for a whole class period.

“I always feel welcomed when I enter the classroom,” said Holloway.

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