New Electives Coming to LHS

The new school year is approaching quickly and that means it is about time to start scheduling classes for 2018-2019. New electives are now in place.  Want to know more?

Advance Placement 2D Design is a class that Mrs. Beeson will be teaching next year.  The requirements include taking 2D art and digital design 1 & 2 with a B- or higher.

“A year-long advanced placement art class in which students focus on creating a portfolio showcasing their breadth of study and an area of focus.  Students may use photography, drawing, painting, digital art, and other 2D techniques in their final portfolio,” said Beeson.

This class may be able to act as a college credit depending on the university one chooses to attend and will help in different aspects to prepare for college and careers.

 “I am so excited to offer this course because I get to help advanced art students to develop their own distinct artistic voices and create a cohesive body of work that will help them in college and beyond,” said Beeson.

It is a new requirement for Indiana schools to offer Indiana Studies and Ethic Studies. Both classes are only one semester and are a part of the social studies department.

“I would like to take the Ethic study class because I am interested in cultures around the world and it is I would really be into,” said sophomore Drew Cosgray.

Are you interested in Manufacturing? Advanced manufacturing could be perfect for you. LHS students must be a junior or senior to take the class.  The course is running through by Gene Haas facility, which is a part of Vincennes University.  This program is a four-block class that offers College credits.

“Students will earn college credits through Vincennes University, as well as the precision machine skills to be highly employable after graduation.  This is a great opportunity for those interested in a school to work program,” said guidance counselor Bethany Mineart.

CNA is a class now offered at Lebanon High School. This class is for juniors and seniors who are looking to get employed to get employed after high school or want to get their CNA license.

“I want to work as a CNA while going to nursing school at ball state and CNA pays above minimum wage,” said Hana Tingle.

Reminder that all schedule changes must be request by March 30th.  See your guidance counselor if you have any farther questions.

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