Tigerettes Commit this Season

The Tigerettes, Lebanon High School’s color guard and dance team, consists of 13 committed and passionate girls who put their heart and soul in dance.

With competition season already in full swing, the Tigerettes are more prepared now than ever before.

“Where we are right now is where we were at for state last year,” said senior captain Reagan Davis.

With Tigerettes being a year-round color guard and dance team, the girls have spent countless hours prepping, performing, and practicing to get where they are at today.

“We prep for pep rallies and games very meticulously. We clean our routines and stand dances for hours so that we make sure we are giving our personal best performance that we can for the reputation of LHS,” said junior Alyssa Smith.

Over the summer, along with the LHS marching band, the Tigerettes competed at the Indiana State Fair with the band placing 12th.

“Now that flag season is over, it makes it easier to perform because there are not as many people around and now it is just us, so it is more visible to see us, especially with there just being 13 of us.” said Davis, “Sometimes me and Natalie (Wilson) do double checks to make sure that everyone is there because our team is so much smaller now,” said Davis.

With flag season out of the way, competition season is in full effect.

“With practice 3 days a week, we do team warm-ups; cardio, abs, arms and stretches, then we run the routines and work on which ever one needs improvement,” said senior captain Natalie Wilson.

They will have four different competitions this year, not including regionals and state. During February, the girls won 1st place in Hip Hop at Homestead High School, their first win of the season.

“When we won, it felt great, like we had really improved,” said freshman Solei Jones, “But I know we still need to improve even though it was a great feeling,” said Jones.

When performing at competitions, they have a solo dancer, and then a team, and this way it repeats to mix things up for the judges. Competitions tend to be stressful for everyone, but there is no better experience for the team than performing.

Before each performance all of the girls huddle together to have a pep talk with head coach Amanda Wines, for chants and words of support.

“As a team, I really hope that we can get some higher placing, but more importantly, that we grow as a team and can show the school what we have become and how we have improved,” said Wilson.

Spending this much time together, the Tigerettes have formed an inseparable bond that is like no other.

“I definitely feel more connected as a team this year,” said Davis.

“I am very proud of our girls. They put their hearts into these dances and by far give their best every performance,” said Smith.

Freshman Maggie Yang believes that most team bonding is done at practices, through conditioning and dance warm-ups. Yang also enjoys the team sleepovers and campfires to relieve stress and help the girls grow closer together.

With every member comes a great responsibility. Throughout the year, the team has set goals for themselves and each other that they hope to accomplish before the end of the season.

“As a captain, I really just want to try and lead the girls the best that I can and be not only a leader, but a friend that they can come and talk to whenever they need help,” said Wilson.

The Pennant wishes the best of luck to the Tigerettes this weekend, March 3rd, at Regionals at Westfield High School!

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