Undiscovered Musicians: LHS Students Create Original Music

Many artists begin their journey of creating music during their teenage years. At LHS, some students are able to balance creating original music and completing schoolwork.

Freshman Tucker Ransom creates alternative music, working with freshman Nathan Allen to combine his lyrics and desired melodies.

“Nathan is my go-to when recording. His challenge is dealing with me. My challenge is writing the song and making melodies that match the poems,” said Ransom.

Ransom balances his time by scheduling time early to work with Allen.

“Whenever he is free I will just go over to his house for a couple of hours to work on music, then I will come home and do my homework from around eight to eleven at night,” said Ransom.

Ransom was inspired by his close friend, freshman Elizabeth Holmes and her music.

“She [Elizabeth] had sent me one of her songs called “Brunette Baby” and I covered the song for her. She then helped me to write my first song called “1:13Am.” She helped me with the melody after I wrote the words,” said Ransom.

Ransom currently has 12 songs on ITunes and Spotify, and he is still creating more music.

“I am working on a longer album, including a song with Elizabeth. I just love doing it,” said Ransom.

Holmes also creates alternative music. Writing abstractly is her greatest challenge.

“It is challenging to find the right words to frame what I want to write about. It is easy to write about things like ‘this is where it happened and how it happened,’ but when you listen to a song sometimes you have to listen to it multiple times to get the true meaning,” said Holmes.

Scraping lyrics is common practice for Holmes. She has compiled lists of lyrics she has not used yet on her phone.

“It is a challenge creating metaphors that you are able to decipher and not just saying what happened verbatim, and then putting it to music,” said Holmes.

Her passion for music was sparked at a very young age by the television series “Hannah Montana.” She began loving music when she was about three or four.

“When I was really little, my favorite show was Hannah Montana. I loved it and I decided that when I got older I wanted to be like Hannah Montana, and it has been like that since I was a kid,” said Holmes.

Holmes aspires to be a performer, but has other plans if music does not work out for her.

“I see myself always doing music whether it is a career or a hobby,” said Holmes.

Senior Jaylen Washington creates hip-hop/rap music. The process of creating one song takes about one month.

“It is a long process. I have to figure out what producer has what beats, then I have to decide which I want to use and come up with a concept after that to write the actual song. Then I have to go record it. After that my engineer messes with it, which usually takes about a week, then I just have to send it off to get mastered,” said Washington.

Washington’s inspiration was someone close to him that he saw being successful.

“My sister had a boyfriend who was a rapper… He inspired me because he did it,” said Washington.

Washington only works on his music during the weekends.

“I am not going to pursue it until college. I have already had labels wanting to fly me out places and I cannot because I am in high school, so maybe in college I will pursue it more,” said Washington.

Freshman Calista Cole creates her own music inspired by her life.

“To write your own music you have to have inspiration. There are parts of your life which are not as inspirational as others, so when you write you have to have something you are into,” said Cole.

Cole’s inspiration is her grandmother who was also gifted musically.

“I have been singing ever since I was little. My great grandmother played the piano and she had 7 kids who were all singers. I was the only one in my family that really wanted to pursue it,” said Cole.

Although Cole does enjoy writing songs, she would prefer to have a career in musical theatre.

“I am hoping to do preforming of some sort, preferably musical theatre,” said Cole.

She has often been told that her ideas are unrealistic, but perseveres despite that.

“Lots of people will tell you to get more realistic ideas than music, but if it is what you enjoy doing then pursue it,” said Cole.

Although they are still in high school these four students, and many others at LHS are able to successfully create music.

Tucker Ransom:







Pierce the Prodigy:








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