News of the Week

Local: Malachi Fronczak is giving back by making lemonade. He is currently working on a lemonade fundraiser to help Deputy Jacob Pickett’s family. Last year Fronczak was able to help fundraise money for the death of Arron Allen, an officer for Southport Police. The Lemonade stand will be held at Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union, 201 Southway Blvd., Kokomo. On Friday, March 9th from12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Go support the cause and all law enforcement drinks for free.

National: Students are beginning to come back to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school after a deadly shooting.  The NRA is a new target for students and teachers who are trying to ban guns for prevention on more tragedies. Meanwhile, the NRA is blaming positions and other local officers from taking action sooner. There is not one perfect solution to solve school shootings from happening but the president and some others are saying that we should arm teachers. However, others are saying that it is too much responsibly for a teacher to be willing to kill.  President Trump wants to put a new bill in act so that people will have to be 21 to purchase certain guns and some guns must shoot at a slower pace.

National: The Walkout will be held on March 14th at 10 o’clock in the morning. The Walkout will recognize every student that was killed at the Florida school shooting. This event will last 17 minutes for the 17 victims. This walk is to empower Congress to do more on gun safety. This event has all be sponsored by Women’s March Youth Empower.

World: In Nigeria over 90 people had died because of a deadly disease called Lassa. Lassa has been an issue since the beginning of January. Lassa is a fever that can hurt one’s blood vessels and internal organs. General symptoms include headache, weakness and a fever. Serve symptoms include bleeding from month, nose, and other human body parts. As of right now there is no vaccine.

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