Student Strength Methods at LHS

During the season, athletes are typically strong, fast, and skilled. Through the use of the weight room at Lebanon High School, athletes are able to take advantage of the opportunity to stay in shape during their sport season. Alongside these athletes, those who are not in sports also take advantage of the weight room and use it to improve their physique. To discover what students at LHS do to stay in shape during the offseason, the Pennant reached out to junior Julio Maldonado and senior Jacob Roahrig.

Maldonado uses the weight room about three to four times a week, depending on how he is feeling. On the days, he chooses to go to the weight room, he simply does weights and training in order to bulk up and build muscle. Outside of the weight room, he drinks protein shakes to jumpstart his muscle growth.

In the weight room, Maldonado typically does legs exercises on Monday, upper body exercises on Tuesday, cardio on Wednesday, and proceeds to repeat the cycle again on Thursday. With this blend of exercises, Maldonado is able to focus on strengthening specific muscle groups. For people who are new to weights, Maldonado has some advice.

“Just be patient; getting bigger muscles does not just happen overnight, it takes weeks. You just have to be patient with lifting and not let yourself get frustrated because frustration could lead to giving up,” said Maldonado.

Senior Jacob Roahrig, like Maldonado, uses the weight room frequently. Alongside going to the weight room, Roahrig runs to stay in shape for track and plays basketball with his friends. When in the weight room, Roahrig asks Coach Turner for varying workouts every day.

“I ask Turner for different workouts every day, so some days I will do upper body and some days I will do lower body,” said Roahrig.

When track is not in season, Roahrig runs with a few of his friends every now and then to stay in competitive condition. In the winter, he also utilizes his track skills to do an indoor season with one of his friends, junior Landon Belcher. Roahrig also outlines the importance of eating right to stay in shape.

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“I also watch what I eat, drink a lot of water and take multivitamins every morning. Eating is more important than the actual lifting,” said Roahrig.

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