Student Feature: Selena Garcia

Throughout the halls of Lebanon High School, you have most likely seen or heard of Selena Garcia. For some in the building, Garcia has made a huge difference in their lives and has helped them always stay positive thanks to Garcia. Garcia describes herself as bubbly and kind, and she treats other how she wants to be treated. Garcia always tries to live life to the fullest and always is positive even on her worst days, but she tries to inspire others to try their best no matter their troubles.

“Every day I walk in to school and think to myself how do I want to be remembered,” said Garcia.

Selena w:boyFreshman Parker Lewis is a co-worker of Garcia’s at Kroger’s and he enjoys working with her because she makes such a positive atmosphere. Lewis thinks that Garcia is always ready for what is coming next and tries to make work more enjoyable than it really is. Lewis and Garcia have known each other for a little over a year now and he has not met anyone like her in his whole entire life. Lewis just moved here to Lebanon from South Carolina. When he met Garcia, she really made him feel welcomed and he was thrilled when he found out that he would be working with her at Kroger.

“The best thing about working with Selena is that she is pretty cool and funny at times,” said Lewis.

Junior Jalen Kincaid has been one of Garcia’s best friends since seventh grade and has always trusted Selena with anything. Garcia helped Kincaid really find his true self and who he was supposed to be in this world. Kincaid would describe Garcia as someone who is optimistic and outgoing and she always makes everyone laugh.

“She is caring person who always lets me be myself and makes me laugh to the point I sound like a dying hyena,” Kincaid said.

Kincaid would describe Garcia in one word as optimistic and outgoing and she always makes everyone laugh. Kincaid when he is with Garcia.

Selena w: Kaylee
Senior, Kaylee Kirk is also one of Garcia’s best friends and has known Garcia for around three years. Kirk describes Garcia as an encouraging person in her life. Garcia has helped Kirk by always making sure she is okay and asks her frequently how she doing and if she needs to talk about problems she is facing. Kirk has had her up and downs throughout life and Garcia has always been that one person that has never judged her and has always listened to her no matter what it was about.

“Selena has always been one of those few people that I could always come to and she will not go and tell anyone and Selena is very trustworthy,” said Kirk.

Junior, Olivia Cook is like Lewis a Co-Worker of Garcia’s and Garcia’s best friend on and off in eighth grade and now this year they have got closer than they have ever been. Cook would describe Garcia supportive, charismatic and optimistic. Cook and Garcia though they have not been best friends since seventh grade they have been friends since then. Cook in one word would describe Garcia as enduring because she never gives up easy. Cook said, “Selena is always smiling so wherever she goes she creates a very joyous environment, she provides a comforting feeling and is always inclusive. She is easily one of the happiest and kindest person I know and I love being friends with her and she is Selena w:Oliviamy Dora and I am her boots!”

Selena Garcia has made lots of impacts in many people’s lives and does it just to better herself and she wants to have legacy not just be a regular student. As, described by her friends she is a great human being that continues to make a difference one step at all times and never gives up on anything. If you see Garcia in the hall she is most likely smiling and if you go up to her and say hey I bet that you will not regret meeting her.

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