The Evolution of Diversity in Makeup

For many years, many people have shared their complaints and concerns about what many would say is the makeup industry’s biggest problem, lack of variety of face makeup to fit different skin tones. Many brands including It Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, Tarte and Huda Beauty have attempted to create a product for everyone, this has resulted and major improvements but major failures as well.

It Cosmetics, a well-known company in the makeup industry, has been criticized for their lack of variety in foundations, concealers, bronzers, etc. The company’s best seller, as shown below, only offers seven different shades. Even with seven shades, the darkest one could not fit many people of color. Many ask the question, ‘How could seven different shades of a product fit everyone in the world?’ The answer is, seven shades do not and could not possibly fit everyone. Up until recently, the company did not offer even seven shades of their ‘best seller.’

Huda Beauty however, offers many more shades in their ‘#FauxFilter Foundation’ product, offering thirty shades. This line is known for excellent coverage and can be purchased for $40. With the price being significantly higher than products you can purchase at a drug store, many wonder if it is worth it. Below it is shown that while this product has many different shades and definitely offers a better variety for darker skin tones compared to It Cosmetics, improvements can still be made for both lighter and darker skin.

Tarte ‘Shape Tape concealer,’ was released in the beginning of 2018 and claimed to have a shade for every skin tone, and the company quickly received comments and complaints arguing this point. In fact, even the model who had swatches of every shade on her arm did not have a shade that matched her skin tone. Tarte’s shades provided did not offer a reasonable gradient with the majority being lighter shades. Since, the company added shades to their line.

Fenty Beauty released a ‘Pro Filt’r’ soft matte long wear foundation, including 40 shades. This line offers not only dark shades, but shades of foundation for people with albinism. Along with offering light and dark shades, this foundation offers shades for people with different undertones in their skin. Customers questioned why the foundation appeared to be lighter than the models, and Rihanna, the founder of the line, explained that shades would lighten after drying.

With this problem, finally being addressed in the beauty industry, companies should be aware that people of color should not be an afterthought, but considered at the same time as those who have lighter skin.


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