Controversy Behind ‘The Bachelor’

It is safe to say that the ABC television show “The Bachelor” is one of the most talked about reality television shows. Many different reviews of the show have been made and there are many different varities of opinions. One side of opinions is the show is not real and could not possibly work, and the other side is people love to watch the show and are engaged in it.


“I would rate the show four out of five stars. This is because I feel like at times the show can seem a little bit set up for people to act the way the producers want them to for ratings, but many couples come out of the show happy,” said sophomore Taylar Dale.


Dale has been keeping up with the show since 2014, and got started in it when sophomore Drew Cosgray would talk about how much he liked to watch the show.


“In eighth grade when I first started watching the show, I was very young and did not really understand the process of the show. It was hard to stay engaged, but now the show seems to be more interesting by every season,” said Dale.


In early 2014, Cosgray started watching the show with his mother when they started the new season of Chris Soules.


“I would rate the show five out of five stars because I really have enjoyed the show since I started watching it. It honestly is so intense and jaw dropping that I look forward to the next episode. Some of my friends do not really like the show because they think it is for girls mainly, but I just do not let it bother me,” said Cosgray.


Cosgray agrees with Dale that with every season, the ratings go up for a reason. Reality television shows are not supposed to be scripted, but some people believe that is why ratings go up for the show.


“The show is so dramatic and other people have their different tastes in shows. People should respect what shows other people like and overall, the show is as real as it could be. Some couples came out of the show engaged and become married so it cannot be entirely scripted or set up. I truly do not believe it even is at all because of the outcome,” said Dale.

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