News Update: What’s the deal with “Water Wars?”

With the coming of spring, many students begin fantasizing about good weather, spring break and prom. While all of these are very popular, another common excitement among the upperclassmen at Lebanon High School is the annual “Water Wars” games that has been used to help raise money for the well our very own Lebanon Thirst Project builds each year in Uganda. Due to some recent controversial actions that have taken place while playing the game in the past, many students are wondering: Will we still have “Water Wars” this year?

Since 2014, “Water Wars” has been used to fundraise for the Lebanon Thirst Project, but has been run by the National Honor Society Chapter of Lebanon. Because of recent controversy with the safety of students partaking in the games, and recent parent complaints, the National Honor Society has chosen to not sponsor the games this year.

“For us, as NHS sponsors, it was imperative that we have a discussion with our members over whether or not to keep Water Wars.  NHS runs Water Wars as a fundraiser for the Thirst Project.  Our members – and we – expressed concern over the increased risks students are taking in order to win the game.  Our organization determined that we did not want to run Water Wars this year.  However, I do not know if another organization has decided to run Water Wars,” said NHS sponsor Mrs. Coddington.

“I would add that I was uncomfortable being responsible for what was being reported as aggressive behavior (chasing on highways, parking people into their garage, etc.) that students said was happening.  Even if those stories were exaggerated, I was concerned students would hear those stories and believe them to be acceptable in the realm of the game,” said NHS sponsor Mr. Dollens.

Julia Garrard, President of Student Council, has expressed interest in taking over the games and having Student Council sponsor “Water Wars.” While she has met with Mr. O’Rourke and they are working on a plan, there is no guarantee there will be “Water Wars” at all this year.




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