The Return to Neverland

Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the Lebanon High School’s cast brought the green spirit to the stage in preforming the nostalgic movie many have seen in our childhood days, Peter Pan. The adventure to Neverland brought great excitement to Lebanon’s community, students and staff.

In fact, Peter Pan was one of the most popular spring plays Lebanon High School has ever performed. In Friday’s show alone, Peter Pan pre-sold over 300 tickets and had a turnout of nearly 500 tickets sold for the night.

This was the first time LHS has ever preformed a technical act such as flying before. The challenge brought great risk for failure but with the two and a half months of preparation, it payed off with the successful turnouts they had in the audience.

“I really enjoyed the flying aspect of the play. Flying was such a cool spin on an original play which I have never seen before,” said Junior Kieran Guyman.

Although, the flying was new, there were a lot of little things that the cast and stage crew tried for the first time. The stage crew tried new things with lighting and stage materials, as well as the cast size almost doubled from last year’s spring play.

Traditionally, the size of the cast is 10 or less but for Peter Pan they had about 25 people. With the technicality of the set, the preparation put into the play, and all other outside help made Peter Pan one of the greatest turnouts for LHS play productions.

“I think it is important for the cast to grow and build a family atmosphere. We did a lot team bonding exercises to create that close bond,” said Ms. Rachel Becker.

As for Junior Laura Lemen, she participated in Peter Pan as Wendy Darling, one of the leads in the play. Peter Pan was Laura’s first “big” lead in a play.

“Being the lead of such a nostalgic movie, the cast was supportive and it felt like we were closer than some of the other plays I have participated in. Overall, we had really good reactions and a big turnout for all 3 nights. We had little mistakes and had small miss communications but everybody gave their best effort and it was seen through our performances,” said Lemen.

Junior Summer Myers was the director behind the scenes of Peter Pan. She runs over the scripts, coordinates, organizes and is part of the stage crew when it comes time to change scenes. Summer has been the stage direction for 3 years now.

“Being behind the scenes, I get to see all the hard work and preparation that goes into these plays. For Peter Pan, the cast brought a lot of energy and their best effort to their performances and I think that is why we were so successful,” said Myers.

Freshman Cameron Whitesell participated in Peter Pan as a Lost Boy. This was Cameron’s first play for the high school.

“For my first play, the cast was super supportive and positive. I learned to put myself out there and it was worth it because I had so much fun. My goal for next year is to earn a bigger lead and to make more friends,” said Whitesell.

A familiar face on Lebanon’s stage, Junior Katherine Patterson, was not present for this year’s spring play. This April, Patterson is preforming “Hairspray” the Musical in Carmel.

“It was really weird not being on stage but everyone did amazing and I couldn’t have picked a better cast for this play. It was rewarding for me to see all the hard work and dedication put into the play,” said Patterson.

The face behind Peter Pan, Becker, is proud of the hard work that was put into this year’s spring play.

“We took the risk of implementing the technicality effects and it paid off. From where we started to where we are now, the actor performances were spot on. The heart and effort was there. I feel like we can walk away being proud of the product we delivered because a lot of hard work and preparation was put into the play and it was very rewarding to watch,” said Becker.


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