Wreaking Havoc: Nor’easter Damages the East Coast

March 20th, the day of the Spring Equinox… or so you thought.  Not many people experienced the first bloom of flowers or even a speck of sunshine.  For most of those in the eastern United States, they woke up to temperatures approaching near freezing, clouds in the sky and even some snow on the ground.  For those who reside in the Northeast, this weather shows no signs of stopping.

For the past few weeks, the Northeastern part of the United States has been plagued by a storm referred to as the Nor’easter.  The name comes from the winds that usually hang over the coastal areas there.  While these storms can occur at any time in a given year, the storms usually appear between September and April.  These storms bring strong winds, rough waters and rain or snow depending on the time of year.  These storms are so violent because of the warm air from the Gulf Coast flowing up to the north and mixing with the frigid air of the East.

In the past, these storms have cost billions in damage up and down the east coast, causing major economic damage as well.  There has been a trend of the stock market depleting whenever these storms roll through.  Major flooding also occurs in these areas due to large waves and melting snow, damaging homes and powerlines.  As of early March, nearly ten people have died.


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The possibility of these storms is still very high as the air is still relatively cold in the north and there are still winter advisories issued for states near Canada.  For the time being, the Nor’easter shows no sign of stopping.


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