Jay Anderson Obituary

A Lebanon High School staff and family member was suddenly lost when Assistant Swim Coach Jay Thomas Anderson passed away on Monday April 9th. Anderson leaves behind two daughters, Hali and Emma, as well as son Nolan.

 Anderson was born September 4th, 1956 to parents Billie and Rodney. He grew up just a few doors down from the Butler University campus and attended elementary school at IPS #86. At the age of 8 years old, he joined the Riviera Swim Team where he would spend much of his free-time and summers at during his young life.

Mr. Anderson attended Brebuf High School where he was a part of the swim team and earned a swimming scholarship to Denison University in Granville, Ohio. Following his completion of college, Jay began his swim coaching career at the Riviera Swim Club where he had found his love for swimming many years before. Anderson served as an Assistant, and then Head Coach for many years. Following his time at Riviera, Jay began coaching at Lebanon High School where he would serve as an assistant coach for 14 years.

Anderson’s humor, loving personality and all of his other wonderful traits will be deeply missed.

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