May is a time of stress as students rush to finish finals and schoolwork while the weather gets warmer around them. As students try to hang in for the last month of school, they may forget the amazing memories that they will look back on one day. But, our LHS yearbook preserves the memories that students want to remember.

The yearbook will be distributed May 16th of this year. Many students simply take advantage of the yearbook, looking through the photos but not truly understanding the amount of work that the LHS yearbook staff, led by Mrs. Carol Kazmierczek, puts into creating the yearbook.

To begin the process of pulling together the yearbook, the staff picks out a unique theme for each yearbook around March of every year. This year’s theme is “the Tiger Way”; chosen based upon the students’ decision to rename the street in front of the school.

After choosing the theme, the students


senior Maci French

on the staff have individual responsibilities for each page and section of the yearbook. One staff member, senior Maci French, was this year’s advertising editor and has been a part of the staff for two years. She is in charge of getting the yearbook paid for, along with creating ads for the businesses who are sponsored in the back of the book. Maci brings individual creativity to the staff and utilizes her unique skills to improve the quality of the yearbook.

“This past year I put in a lot of work, and became a real asset to the team because of my digital design skills. I was able to design the cover and back of the book and help editors in making the spreads for the yearbook,” said French.

Another staff member, junior Alyna Sell, has been in yearbook since middle school and is Editor-in-Chief for next year with Delynn Harmon. Her responsibilities that come with being next year’s editor include making plans for the day, designing next year’s book, and dealing with advertising. This year she was a reporter, so she did interviews, took photos, and wrote stories for specific pages of the yearbook, but it was not an easy task.

“All of the reporters felt overwhelmed about the amount of work we had to do, but I could not even imagine how much it is going to be being an editor; our staff is actually going to be smaller next year,” said Sell.


senior Kindsey Robertson

This year’s editor-in -chief, senior Kindsey Robertson, has many responsibilities regarding the creation of the yearbook. She manages the room and makes sure that everyone is on task and using the correct formats and fonts. She utilizes all of her class time to finish upher individual responsibilities, including doing some out-of-class work.


“During class, you are working for the whole period. We also met on the weekend every once in a while, and I also worked on it during my study hall and outside of school,” said Robertson.

As you receive your yearbook next week, remember the vast amount of work that the members of the LHS Yearbook put into capturing our sentimental moments.


Kindsey Robertson, Alyna Sell, Maci French