For junior Katherine Patterson, being on a stage almost comes naturally. Patterson started acting at the Little Black Box theater, with help from English teacher Mrs. Emily Wolfgang. After starting high school, Patterson has been in the musicals at Lebanon High School for her three years of high school.

“It has been a very easy stepping up, Little Black Box is very good for kids in elementary. It was a nice step up to do more things involving actual stage with the high school for sure, and being able to work on my acting and singing” said Patterson.

Patterson had started working with the Civic Center in Carmel, Indiana. Patterson heard about Civic Center her freshmen year. She has done shows there like Grease, and now Guys and Dolls.

“I heard about this [Civic Center] from a poster in Mrs. Graybiel’s room when she was still a teacher here, and I decided to audition,” said Patterson.

This year, Patterson landed the role as one of The Nicest Kids in Town in the production of Hairspray.
“I play one of the kids that are on this TV show that the main character, Tracy Turnblad, wants to get on to,” said Patterson.

Along with schoolwork, family and anything else, Patterson has dedicated a lot of her time to this musical. Including missing Prom.

“We don’t have rehearsalsIMG_2576.PNG in between show weekend, but leading up to the show we have rehearsals Sunday through Thursday for three hours. During dressrehearsals and when we actually have shows I get straight home, I put on my makeup and I drive to Carmel and I am there all day. I get home around 11 o’clock,” said Patterson

In total Patterson will have performed this show eleven times, and does not expect to get tired of it. She also encourages anyone who can make it to come and enjoy the show.

“Come see the show because it is really fun, and everyone in there is so talented. That is the best part of being in an adult show, they are all adults wanting to do this. It blows my mind how incredible those people are. You have to see the show to understand” said Patterson.

If you are interested in seeing the show, show times are Thursday and Friday at 5pm, Sunday at 5pm, and since this will be the final weekend of theshow Saturday’s show time is at 5pm

Picture Credits: Zach Rosing