Kyleigh VanDokkenburg

What are your plans after high school? I plan to attend Purdue University to major in biochemistry with a focus in pre-medicine.

What is your favorite memory from LHS? My favorite memory from LHS was earlier this year when our student section won the Operation Football Spirit Award. I was at every single football game this year, cheering alongside my classmates for our friends on the field, so being given this award was really exciting.

Who is your favorite teacher & why? Mr. Dollens is easily my favorite teacher. Yes, he is tough, but he has always pushed me to be my best, not only in his class, but in everything I do, in and out of school. I also feel that he has prepared me the best for college by introducing me to the rigor and work ethic needed to succeed in challenging classes.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I plan to be in my residency years, completing the process to being a doctor. I will have completed undergrad and hopefully grad school, and practicing as a resident somewhere in a big trauma hospital.

What is your advice for the Class of 2019? Don’t let the senioritis get to you. It gets tough to stay motivated, especially after spring break, but you have to stay focused and finish out the year strong.

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