Olivia Guest

What are your plans after high school? I plan to attend Butler University and major in Pre-Pharmacy.

What is your favorite memory from LHS? My favorite memory from LHS has been being on the tennis team all four years and creating memories, skills, friendships, and bonds with people on the team that I may have never been able to otherwise.

Who is your favorite teacher & why? My favorite teacher is Ms. Hill because not only did I have her my freshmen year for biology and my junior year for anatomy, she was my homeroom teacher all four years and has been there for me in times outside of the classroom. She cares about her students not only in an educational level but a personal level, and her jokes are the best.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 10 years, I see myself out of college and working in a hospital as a pharmacist and hopefully beginning to start my own family.

What is your advice for the Class of 2019? My advice for the Class of 2019 is to keep an open mind and take advantage of every opportunity given to you. Just because you think you are going to attend your dream school, although you may be accepted, and you think you have your career laid out, does not mean that is what you will end up doing. Participate in an internship program or job shadow and get experience because that it the only way you will see ahead of time if your dream future is really a good fit for you.

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