By: Emma Kafka

Boom, Boom. The drums sound like the heartbeats of several students waiting to prove themselves at the most important competition of the season. The vibrations from the instruments in the group mimic the excitement buzzing among the musicians who have worked endless hours for this very moment.

Many know how gratifying it is to put several grueling hours of work and sweat into something and then see it pay off, and the marching band at Lebanon High School is no exception. After working in ninety-degree heat for hours throughout a two-week period, the students were ready to compete in the State Fair Competition.


Front Row: Payton Mullens, Aislann Herron, Kierstin Mertz, Lydia Roberts, and Brady Johnson Back Row: Joshua Zamora, Evan Wolfgang, William Lloyd, JR Brandhoefer, and Reeder Vyain

The theme that band director Alan Conrad chose for this year is full of personal and historical significance. He chose Fair Train, a fifties locomotive aesthetic that honors the Noblesville Transportation Museum that closed down this month.

“This is an ode to the golden age of road travel. The idea was that you can take a train anywhere, it is a fun thing to do,” said Conrad.

The Fair Train theme also held personal meaning for Conrad as well, since he has a three-year-old son who enjoys trains.

“It’s always nice when you’re doing a show theme that you can relate to family,” said Conrad.

However, competition season in marching band was not all fun and games. Great amounts of dedication and hard work had to be put in to develop the confidence and experience that students needed in order to reach their goal.

“[Training] took a lot of sweat a lot of heat a lot of hard work, even though you are at your wit’s end. It really helped for me to think about how there are sixty other students who are dealing with the same pain as you and the same agony as you, and we are all in it together,” said senior Sarah Simpson.

Despite the multiple setbacks, the team work and perseverance that the band students were able to muster make the success in competition season all the more meaningful.

“I think the main thing that set us back were all of the injuries this season. We had a couple band members get hurt, like our drum line member that hurt his knee when it started downpouring on us,” said junior Nicholas Toleos.

Because it is impossible to prepare for injuries, it is important both Conrad and the students are able to persevere through those challenges.

“You just never know what’s going to happen. There’s always stuff that happens but that’s my job to be able to work through it and make it as smooth as possible for the students,” said Conrad.

With competition season at its end, the LHS Marching Band is now preparing for their football season and basking in their 9thplace victory at the Indiana State Fair.