When mentioning art school, the first thing that comes to mind for many is students sitting around a model and sketching to learn form and proportions. Although this actually is a portion of Lebanon High School’s new AP 2D art course, the course provides so much more for its students.

The course is taught by Elizabeth Beeson and has two prerequisites of Intro to 2D art and Digital Design I & II.

“The AP art class is an advanced placement course that allows students to get college credit for creating a portfolio of work. They have to do a series of intensive projects and studies throughout the year,” said Beeson.

To receive college credit, the student must submit a portfolio which was developed throughout the year. The portfolio will have 24-29 pieces.

“By the end of the year they will have a portfolio with 12 pieces that showcase the breadth (a variety of media, works and techniques) of their work and a concentration which includes 12 pieces based on a theme chosen by the student. Out of those 24 works, the student must select five for quality. Those pieces will showcase their absolute best work, techniques and craftsmanship,” said Beeson.

Being an advanced class, it is important that a student who wishes to take the class has had the prerequisite courses and is willing to be challenged.

“The class is for students who are serious about art, who have had art classes before and are comfortable pushing themselves to the next level,” said Beeson.

This is the first year the course is being offered at LHS, but Beeson has accepted the challenge and is working hard to ensure success for the students.

“I think the biggest challenge is time management because there is so much that needs to be done for the students throughout the year. I want to make sure that I am giving the students exactly what they need to complete that portfolio and have it be quality work by the time they need to turn it in,” said Beeson.

Another exciting element of the course is the student’s increased freedom in what they create.

“It is exciting to give the students loose parameters and to see how much the students explore their own artistic voice within those parameters. I get to learn more about them and help them find a direction,” said Beeson.

Senior Summer Myers is taking the course and is already trying new things.

“We’ve been working to develop the skills we already have and learning to be more comfortable with the things we struggle with, which is what we did with our summer sketchbook. We tested different medias and challenged ourselves to build stamina with each media,” said Myers.

Myers is nervous to submit a portfolio but is eager to express herself in her work.

“I am excited to pretty much have free will with all of my pieces, but I am nervous because what I might find artistic, the people scoring might not. I feel like I will be judging all of my pieces a lot harder,” said Myers.

Senior Damjan Hartle is also taking the course and is excited to be able to showcase his unique voice in his artwork.

“We use a lot of different media and try to go out of our comfort zones. We make thematic art and are given broad rubrics so we are able to express ourselves and make each piece unique,” said Hartle.

Senior Kaitlyn Syferd worked hard on her summer assignments and encourages students not to compare themselves to others.


Animal silhouette assignment from Syferd’s summer sketchbook

“A challenge I have faced is being confident in my work. I will find weaknesses in what I do, and some people compare themselves to others,” said Syferd.

Syferd is looking forward to submitting her portfolio and seeing the results.


Collage page of Syferd’s summer sketchbook titled “The High School Experience”

The new art course, AP 2D art is giving high school students a way to prepare for college classes as well as receive college credit. The class is for students who want to possibly pursue an art education or for students wishing to challenge their artistic skill and develop their own unique voice as an artist.