Every student at Lebanon High School knows the cell phone policy; if a cell phone even buzzes in your backpack, it is an automatic Tuesday/Thursday school. For years, the students at LHS have complained about how strict the policy is – is it too strict, or does it teach discipline? A few LHS students decided to speak out.

Senior Alex Smith does not agree with our cellphone policy, and he thinks it should change. After four years at the high school, he believes the administration is too strict on cell phones.

I think it should change for sure because we should be allowed on our phones at certain times, like lunch or during passing periods. I even think it would be appropriate for us to be allowed on our phones in class. I view it as it is your education, so you are responsible for paying attention. If you do not pay attention in class because you cannot control yourself from staying off of your phone, that is your own fault,” said Smith.

After taking a poll out of 100 students here at Lebanon High School, a whopping 92 out of the 100 students believe that the cell phone policy should change. Only 8 students believe that the cell phone policy should stay the same. One of the students who believe it should change, Junior Grace Elsbury, gave us her insight.

I believe our cell phone policy is way too strict,” said Elsbury.

I believe it is too strict because we are not allowed to be on them at all throughout the day, not even when we are in homeroom and allowed to have a break,” explained Elsbury.

If Elsbury had the chance to change the policy, she would make it to where students could be on their cell phones during lunch, passing periods, during homeroom and if they needed to contact a parent. Elsbury understands that there is a phone in the office that students can use to call a parent, but she explains that sometimes there are things that are too personal to talk about in front of other people.

Despite students being upset over the policy, it is very unlikely that it will change in the foreseeable future. Many teachers, including Science teacher Mike Dollens, believes that cellphones while in school are a big nuisance to the classroom environment.

I do not think our cell phone policy is overly strict because it is easily understood,” said Mr. Dollens.

Something I always and will continue to say is if you get your cell phone taken away, do not throw a tantrum about it. Hand it over and understand that there are consequences for your actions,” said Mr. Dollens.

Although most students believe that there needs to be a change, it looks as if the policy will stay the same. Make sure no matter where you are in the school, you either get permission from a teacher to get your phone out, or keep it in your backpack while it remains either on ‘Do Not Disturb” or completely off during the school day.