Lebanon Senior Highschool dress code policy has changed for the better but sometimes it is not always for the better. Throughout the transition to elementary, middle school and now on to the high school the dress code has changed each year in various ways. While some students here at the LHS feel like the dress code is an issue, to other’s it really does not matter to them at all.

Senior, Emilee Crowell came to Lebanon in the middle of her Junior year and she soon realized that the dress code from her old school was  different from the dress code here at LHS. Crowell was dressed coded once last year for having her shoulders exposed then came back the following day to school with a low-cut top on and got a thumbs up from the teacher that had dress coded her the previous day. Crowell feels like the dress code is more careless with the males and more strict for the females. Crowell has a theory that if we went to uniforms it would be  better for the females granted a lot of people would hate it because it would save every girl twenty minute in the morning trying to find school appropriate clothes to wear.IMG_4733

 “I feel like the dress code makes us girls look like a sack of potatoes while the men are meant to dress like models.” Crowell said.





Senior Matthew Phelps’ overall thoughts on dress code is that it is pointless and stupid. Phelps thinks that the dress code definitely targets women rather than men. Phelps agrees with some of the dress code policy, but one major thing


he does not agree with is that we can not have tears in our jeans. He thinks we should be able to as long as the tears are below the knee or does not expose much skin. Phelps feels like the dress code does not affect him as much as its affects girls.

“No I have not got dress coded every but that is probably because I am a guy and girls get dress coded more often than us guys.” Phelps said



Freshman Sofia Argotte has very high opinion on the LHS dress code and it differs majorly from the middle school. Argotte thinks the dress code sends a message to girls that if you are harassed by boys then it is basically your fault. Argotte thinks that girls should be able to wear leggings and to be able to wear them if a shirt is covering our rear end. Argotte fully agrees with the no crops tops, no short shorts and no low-cut tops and thinks those are good rules that are needed to be in the dress code. Argotte feels that the boys can pretty much wear anything while the girls have a strict set of guidelines they have to follow for dress code.

 “Girls should be able to feel comfortable in what they are wearing, I mean after all, we are going to school to learn, not for the looks.”Argotte said.

Junior Courtney Welborn typically follows dress code and has not once been dress coded but a couple of her friends have been. One major issue Welborn has with the dress code is that we can not wear ripped jeans.She thinks it is unfair because all of the other schools in the Boone County district can, like Western Boone. Welborn completely one hundred percent agrees with the length of shorts rule. Welborn thinks we should be able to wear ripped jeans to school because personally she thinks ripped jeans should not distract our learning environment.IMG_4690

“The dress code is definitely stricter on girls than boys because they seem to think what a girl is wearing is going to some how distract someone from learning.” Welborn said.




Throughout LHS students have come to a conclusion that mostly all students believe that the dress code is more stricter on females than males. Some dress code rules seem irrelevant to one student but a great rule to another student. Lebanon High School only has these set rules for dress code to better our school and how we present ourselves as a whole. Whether you agree or disagree with it is your opinion.