Goodwill, a place where all your unwanted, fully stretched, old clothing or collectables go when you have got your fair share of use out of them.

The motto “someone’s trash is another man’s treasure” applies to many when they shop at Goodwill. With patience, most people scan the items in the isles, picking through to find that one clothing piece or item you have been looking for.

Or as for high schoolers, Goodwill is a place to find unique clothing for student section themes. Whatever you may be looking for, chances are, Goodwill has it.

With goodwill becoming a popular store to shop at, students at the high school were asked if they were willing to spend $10 in trying to find an outfit they would wear to school. Many students declined by the fact that they had to spend $10 of their own money, but for the thrifty student, Kara Godby, she was up for the challenge.

Senior Kara Godby enjoys finding thrifty and unique pieces to add to her wardrobe. Other than Goodwill, Kara likes to shop at Pac Sun and Tilly’s where most of her existing wardrobe is from.

Meanwhile searching through the rummage of all of the pants, shirts, and belts, Godby found her outfit in less than 10 minutes.

“I always go to the sweatshirt and hoodie isle because that’s mostly what I wear during the week if I’m in a hurry and if I wake up late,” says Godby.

This is the outfit Godby picked out: A basic olive high neck t-shirt ($4.29) with a patterned parashot pants ($4.29). A total of $9.18.


The outfit that Godby picked out

“I choose this outfit because it reflects my style and I loved the pattern that was on the pants. I’m surprised I found these because they are very comfortable but also cute and they would go great with my wardrobe,” said Godby.

Junior Marisa Howe has been working at Goodwill for almost a year now. She sees a wide variety of people in store, mostly older adults but she sees many young teens.

“Goodwill is becoming quite the destination for thrifty clothing and collectable items. I think people are realizing that it’s okay to shop at thrift stores not everything that they buy has to be brand new, and they realized it’s a lot cheaper,” said Howe.

Goodwill is becoming quite the destination for thrifty clothing and collectable items.


Senior Kara Godby Shopping

“You can really find a quality outfit for cheap. Goodwill is gaining a lot of popularity because old, thrifty clothes are coming back into style. Why not get in-style clothes for cheaper,” said Godby.