Senior Austin Evans made a new commitment to LHS by becoming our new school mascot. Our pervious mascot George Piper, graduated in the class of 2018. Therefore, Austin Evans found a way to make our tiger pride standout and take a lead. With his energy and spunk, he was the perfect candidate.

“I was super happy to get to be LHS tiger mascot. I really just went down to the athletic office and asked for it. They gave me physical forms to fill out and the spot was mine. Even though I am not too sporty, I found a way to stay a part of my school’s athletic programs,” said Evans.

The cheerleaders are proud to have him a part of the team. He is able to get the crowd up and moving.

“Evans has shown throughout these past two weeks that he is going to be perfect fit as our mascot. He always has a positive attitude and has a willingness to learn and find ways to be the best mascot he could be for Lebanon. The cheerleaders are more than excited for Evans to be alongside us during the games. People might think that he has big shoes to fill, (George Piper) but I think he can fit it,” said senior captain Zoe Stratton.

Even the student section is pleased to have Evans cheering alongside, he puts everyone in the spirt.

“He is someone who always upbeat and never have I once seen him without a smile on his face,” said senior Sean Brunty.

Evans has a true niche at being the mascot. He always finds a way to be true hearted tiger fan. He genuinely puts the students first at Lebanon High School.

“It is pretty lit, I like making people smile and nothing beats when I see a smile on people’s faces,” said Evans.

Evans was not involved with a lot at LHS before this role came along. It helped him to find motivation throughout the struggles of senior year. He was also able to create new relationships with his peers.

“I am very glad that I got involved in something because my whole high school career I did not do anything and now that I am the mascot, I feel a sense of belonging somewhere and it motivates me to do better academically,” said Austin Evans.

Try something new like Evans did, it could have a positive impact on LHS as well.