Most new stories that are broadcasted these days are either depressing, angering or simply just fake. But, in recent news, many controversial stories have emerged, causing a developing national interest in each side of the story. On the topic of controversial news, seniors of Lebanon High School share their opinions about each story.

A story that has made its way to the newsroom due to its controversial nature is the story of a Roncalli guidance counselor of 15 years, Shelley Fitzgerald, who was fired after the catholic school found out that she was married to another woman. This story brings attention to morality and brings up a question on both sides. Some people believe that she had every right to be fired because, when she began working at the school, she knew the guidelines that were established due to religion. But, other people believe that the school should have no say in her personal life because it is not fair to her. Senior Jax Wilson shares his take on this issue.

“I believe that she should have gone into the job knowing that not marrying another woman is a specification or she should have gotten another job; stuff like that cannot be a secret for a long time. But, even though I believe this, I do not have anything against her sexuality,” said Wilson.


Senior Jax Wilson

Another news headline that brings controversy into the picture is the story regarding two women who got denied a job at Mantality Health due to their names. According to ABC news, Dornisha Zachary and Militina Burnett were both denied a job because of their names sounding “too ghetto”, which would look bad on the company. Mantality Health responded to the email by revealing that their computers had been hacked, but there are no facts to support the hacking. Senior Kaitlyn Fleck expands on her opinion of the matter.

“Legally, the company should not be able to do that. You are not able to deny someone a job because of race or ethnicity. Why should you be able to deny them a job because of their name?” said Fleck.


Senior Kaitlyn Fleck

In other news, Purdue University had a controversial issue with a comedian, Andy Gross, that was attempting to do a ‘sexual harassment skit’. Gross invited a young woman up on stage with him, only to begin to make personal remarks about her appearance and continued to get closer and closer to her. She felt embarrassed after the skit was over and ran out of the show in tears. As she ran out, she was comforted by many of her peers who felt sympathy for her. Senior Cara Harvey gives her opinion on this encounter.

“That is really inappropriate and I feel like a sexual harassment skit should not even be allowed. It was not okay for him to invite a woman up on stage and make her feel uncomfortable. He should be banned from campus and the girl should be compensated in some way,” said Harvey.


Senior Cara Harvey

As LHS’s seniors share their opinions, it is up to you to form an opinion on each story to find out what you truly believe in an instance of controversy!